Nail biters unite!

I remember in elementary school, I used to bite my nails so much that it must’ve annoyed my parents. Because soon after, I was sitting down on the kitchen table with my finger nails getting painted with some god awful clear polish that made people stop biting their nails. It worked.

It has this disgusting bitter taste to it that doesn’t even really go away when you brush your teeth.

How do I remember it so vividly? Mavala

I received Mavala Stop from Nail Polish Canada to review on my blog, and though I don’t bite my nails anymore, I do take the skin off, around it. Gross, I know.

I applied a thin even coat to a few nails, and let it dry for a minute and get this — I licked it off.Mavala-Stop

At first, I couldn’t taste it and I’m like, well this product is total junk. There’s no taste at all. How is this even working? Then literally, not more than 2 minutes later my mouth filled up with this taste that made me want to vomit. It was bitter, that’s all I can tell you. I had to brush my tongue TWICE with toothpaste to get it off entirely. Then, I removed the bitter polish from my nails, with nail polish remover.

The instructions were correct.Mavala-instructions

Are you a nail biter? I only do it when I’m thinking about something that’s either bothering me, or when I’m concentrating hard, or if I’m watching a  movie. Wow, sounds like I do it a lot, don’t I?

This product works. That’s all I’m going to say on that. It’s just SO disgusting I don’t know anyone who would be willing to put this on their fingers. Though, if biting your nails really ticks you off, then of course apply it.

Instructions for use:

  • Apply one coat of Mavala stop on the entire nail.
  • Wait 1 minute for it to dry (try not to lick it).
  • Repeat the application every 2 days until you have broken the habit of biting your nails.

Things to know:

  • You may remove the Mavala Stop with nail polish remover.
  • After 10 days your nails should have grown normally, but may require strengthening.
  • The efficacy of this product might be compromised on younger children, as their taste buds are not fully developed and they could like the bitterness of the product (!!!?).

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  1. Omg I can’t believe you actually licked your nail. My sister had stuff like that to use years ago and I remember it not working for her. I think she got use to the taste

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