Wanna see how I like to decorate?

Big surprise, I went shopping again. I ended up snagging some free products using coupons at Superstore and Walmart, so that was decent. Check out those deals on my coupon site: Locupleto.

But I’ll show you the more exciting things on this site. Because that’s what I’m all about.

I ended up going to the outlet malls in the next town (city?) over, and to be honest I’ve never really went to the outlet malls there because I honestly thought they sucked. NO WAY. They do not. I found an amazing store called Urban Barn, which — before I entered the building I totally thought it was going to be  a sister-store to Urban Planet, because that store is right next door.

Oh brother. It’s a home decorating store and I should have really taken photos of everything I saw. I was there for a good hour looking around this one place. I swear the 4 lone employees working there thought I was up to something, so I ended up telling them that I’ve never been in there before and I was overwhelmed and excited and wanted to buy everything, lol.

Those are fake plants! They look so real, ha!

This umbra chest of ‘drawers’ was on sale and I decided I’d use it as a jewelry box.

Golden apples. I picked up one, and it said $8. I picked up another and it had an orange sticker saying $5.00, I tried my luck and picked up the third and it said $3.00! Ha! I ended up buying 4 of these goldens for $3 a pop.

Tiny silver rabbit (I bought two) to hold rings on its little ears! So cute. These were from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

This wicker type of basket didn’t have a price tag on it and I thought that it was the same as these baskets I bought last year, oops guess not. Either way I ended up asking the guy who was working the department how much it was. He asked me how much I wanted to pay for it, lol. But then quickly said not to go too low. I said “uh, I dunno five bucks?”. So he gave it to me for $4.94. Sweet!

Everything all set up.

I put the jewelry box, the fake orchid and the two rabbits in our bedroom and I finally hung the charcoal drawing my classmate made me twelve years ago back in art school! I had it hung up when I lived in Newfoundland. But it has been packed away since I moved to Ontario almost 5 years ago. I really need to frame it. It’s time. lol

This is a temporary set up for the fake bonsai as I’m not sure that the whole thing works here on the ottoman.  I decided to buy the faux bonsai since I already killed a few real ones. Guess it’s time to go plastic!

So this is how I kinda like to decorate. I think I’ll start doing this more often — I’ve been living with the boyfriend in an undecorated apartment for way too long. If you take a sneak peak at Urban Barn, that’s basically my entire style. I didn’t dislike a thing in there. Love that store. I’ll be back.

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  1. I’m kind of obsessed with Urban Barn as well! I have the most amazing chairs from there and our dining room table as well – LOVE the prints they have too, and for decent prices
    There is a Urban Barn outlet as well :)

    Nancy says: I’m not sure if I was in the outlet one or not. It was with all the other outlet stores. But then again there was a Bed Bath & Beyond there too, which looked like a regular store and not outlet.

  2. There was an Urban Barn close to where I lived in Toronto and I had the exaaact same reaction to it. Now that I have a place that I love to decorate, I live too far from it! Must remember to stop in there next time I’m visiting the inlaws.

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