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As you may already know, I work at a financial institution and I’ve been there at the same job since 2007! Safe to say I definitely love it. While I’m never really dealing with the public up front, I’m still designing to make those potential members/clients some eye catching designs since I do work as a Graphic Designer and a Marketer.

I have to read and get to know all of the documents that we hand out to the public. For instance, you don’t want to design a brochure that has the topic of life insurance for children, and then have a car on it. What does the car have to do with a kid? Unless the kid is potentially going to get run over. But I mean, that’s not how I design, lol. Perhaps some parents holding their kids, smiling. Something of that sort. Right? I’ve been told I have a very corporate design side to me. I tend to not follow trends and go for insanely bright colors. However, I really do admire a lot of the designs out ther and wish I could’ve thought of using that crazy bold color for my last project.

I have a folder on my desktop at work that I named “inspiration” and I look back at it and use the same colors and incorporate it into my next design.I remember when my boss first hired me, she asked me where I find inspiration. I get it from looking at photos, I get it when I’m at the mall and see a top in a nice color, and then I get it when I’m driving down the road and I see a pretty flower. Inspiration happens anywhere.  I’m sure a lot of designers can attest to that.  My next project is about BurialInsurance.org and working on designing a poster for elders — retirement savings, that sort of thing. Back to work tomorrow!

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