My CrossFit Journal (week 11)

It may be easier for me to find videos of the workouts. What do you prefer, photos or videos?


Week 11 Day 1.

Overhead Squats (35lbs)

That means 21 overhead squats, 21 burpees, 15 overhead squats, 15 burpees, and so on. I ended up not being able to lift the 35lb bar at first, overhead as I was wobbly. I practiced a bunch of times with the 15lb bar until the trainer said go back to the 35lb bar. It was doable! I finished my WOD (workout of the day) in 9:50! The OH squats killed your wrists though.


Week 11 Day 2.

5 Rounds
5 Over Bar Burpees
5 Clean and Squat
5 Ring Dip
5 Thrusters
5 Dive Bomber Push ups

By the third round I thought the workout would never end. I ended up doing 50lbs for the Clean & Squat, and Thrusters. It was more than enough weight (for now)! Gotta say dive bombers are harder than they look. I face planted the first time, even while my trainer was holding my hips and shoulders up to help me, lol.

I got the Thrusters move, and the PushPress move mixed up. I have it all figured out now with this little mind-trick. You thrust your hips, lol… so you go down into a full squat and thrust your way up. PushPress is just a little dip then you power your weight up. Ah, good to know.


Week 11 Day 3.

Box Jumps (20″)
Power Snatch (35lbs)
C2B (Chest To Bar) pullups

Box Jumps:

Power snatch:

Chest to Bar pull ups my favorite:

I did alright in this workout, it immediately worked up a sweat. At the start of the second round of box jumps I almost fell on my face. I raced over from the pull ups to do the jumps. Take your time foo’!!

Every time I’m driving home after CrossFit, I feel like going out and running a marathon. Okay, never really that far.

But I felt like running today and I decided to go. I ended up doing a 1.7k out and back, so a total of 3.4km’s, which took me 22 minutes (pace of  10:24, very slow for me but again it’s one of my first runs since last October when I “quit” lol)


I really disliked this week since I didn’t have much time for anything. I went to CrossFit on Tuesday, Wednesday and today (BIRTHDAY!!!) Next week will be better.

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  1. I am the worst friend in the entire world…ever!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! I feel so awful!!! Grrr…

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