CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 7

I’m on day 16 of Paleo you guys. How crazy is that? I don’t want to stop :)

Hopefully you’re enjoying the weekly recaps of what I’ve been eating, and getting some ideas. Though, I’m sure you can’t get that much inspiration from someone who eats the same stuff over and over again.

The short:

Monday — CrossFit
Tuesday — Climbing
Wednesday — CrossFit
Thursday — CrossFit
Friday — CrossFit
Saturday — Rest
Sunday — Rest

The long:


year 2, week 7, day one

GWOD: Ring Dip
WOD: 10 rounds
15 deadlifts at 95lbs
15 pushups
What I completed: I ended up Rx’ing for the WOD and used 95lbs for the deadlifts. I completed 6 full rounds and then 3 pushups. Nearly 7 rounds! :)


year 2, week 7, day two



year 2, week 7, day three

Hi Hang Power Clean
Hang clean high pull
200m run
5 chest to bar or 7 pullups

What I completed: I couldn’t do chest to bar’s very much so I ended up doing 7 kipping pullups without a band. I ended up doing 5 full rounds + 2 more pullups.


year 2, week 7, day four

SWOD: Front Squat
WOD: 3 rounds (13 minute time limit)
10 unbroken push press
15 unbroken wall balls
20 unbroken situps
25 unbroken double unders (or 75 single skips)
*If broken do 5 burpees then continue on

What I completed: I completed the WOD in 9:12


year 2, week 7, day five

WOD: 7 Rounds
7 Hang Cleans (95lbs)
7 Burpee pullups
30 mountain climbers

What I completed: I finished the wod in 18:13 and used 75lbs in weight.



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