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I really should’ve taken some before photos before writing this blog post, or before taking photos. My office was a total mess for a few months, where paper and boxes were just swallowing me up and I had a tiny workspace. Working at this place since 2007, I thought it was about time I’d decorate my office!Vases and flowers on the left hand side were bought at Urban Barn. I’ve only been in that store twice and both times I’ve dropped a few more dollars than planned. It’s an amazing place. (In fact, I may use my wicker basket in the blog post I just linked, to clear some of the clutter up. Eh EHHH?)My workstation!Not a very practical spot to hold my prize possession pens, but I liked it better than the black wiry cage thing they were in previously. Aveda hand relief is awesome, by the way. In fact, Aveda anything is great. For pens, I’m thinking of copying How About Orange‘s blog and decorating my own mug. Pink and white are the colors I’m aiming for. This is her artwork below:

I had tons of papers that looked like such an eye sore, so instead of going out and purchasing stand up white magazine folders, which was my original plan. I found white folders instead, and put all my paperwork in there. Looks… eh, ok but not my favorite. A work in progress! That construction paper cut-out heart was from my little nephews that they made for me for Valentines Day. I LOVE IT.Apothecary jars filled with random stuff that we use for marketing.This is what you see when you first walk into the office. Boxes are still there, but semi-hidden. Hee.Ooo la la. On Monday I ended up bringing in a painting from home that I did not too long ago. Inspired by Made By Girl of course. I’m not the biggest fan of the painting though. It’s not clean enough for me.

Anyway, ya! That’s the office I’m working in! Like it? 

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  1. Is this your home office or work office? Looks good!

    I always want to decorate mine too but it always gets messy again in a matter of days. My goal is always a clutter-free desk but somehow piles of paper and other stuff always ends up back on my desk.

    Nancy says: This is at work! :)

  2. your office is so cute. I don’t have an office at work. I don’t even have a desk, so I’ve stuck cork to the wall and a little hanging file folder and that’s my office.

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