Soon? Oh please please pleeeeaasuuh

It’s so close I can taste it. Alright, maybe not close enough. But I’ve got four exact Mazda 3’s picked out, all without the help of the large dealerships even though 3 places are keeping an eye out for me at the car auctions. All white, and just 1 of them doesn’t have a sunroof. I’m going to look at one in the next city over (45 mins away), on Monday afternoon. Negotiations can probably happen as early as late next week. EEK!? But these cars I found (all from are small tiny side of the road dealers, not like “MAZDA” dealerships or anything. I need to do some google searches on how their reputation is, and scope out the VIN numbers on the cars I’m wanting!

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  1. Bahaha, stick my head on a blue one of those please!!! :P I’ve been looking for a slightly used Mazda 3, ’03-’05, and it’s so hard to find! They are a dream to drive though, nothing else I’ve tried even compares. Good luck!!!

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