Girly shoes

Instead of wearing flat’s that cover up my feet every day, I decided to finally get my first pedicure of the season. I go to a woman  named Kim that my co-worker recommended. Kim is from Vietnam and speaks just O-K English. She operates her business out of the basement of her home and has a very chatty 12 year old named Annie (or Anna?) who speaks perfect English.  Annie usually helps me pick out colors because she’s the best at picking them for me, but on Tuesday she was busy playing with her friends upstairs. Kim’s husband always offers to drive me to the bus stop, when I’m done my appointments as they know I don’t have a car (500 meters from her house), but I decline lol. This is how nice they are. Let me tell you a little story…

I arrived an hour early for my 6PM appointment, because my co-worker offered to drive me there. I certainly didn’t pass up an opportunity, especially because it takes 45 minutes by bus from work. As I was flicking through the gossip magazines I noted the time was 5:30 and Kim points for me to go soak my feet in the water. As I do that she’s still painting someone else’s finger nails. I said “Kim, it’s only 5:30 you don’t have to do my pedicure yet. My appointment is for 6!”. She doesn’t answer me (lol), so I flick on the massaging chair and relax and write my boyfriend on the blackberry messenger for a few minutes. I was a bit hungry as I hadn’t eaten since lunch time and I grabbed a granola bar (Sweet ‘n’ Salty Nature Valley, anyone?) out of my purse and polished it off like nobody’s business.

Kim ran upstairs and think nothing of it, because it happens frequently when I”m there; she then comes down with two plates. On those plates were a six inch sub each, for her and I to devour! She’s such a generous woman! I say thank you continuously because I was starving at that point. Plus, when I usually go to Kim it’s on a Saturday and after my appointment is done she usually wraps up a foot long sub for me and off I go to catch my next bus. She hates it when I take the bus, she always gives me hell for it. I just shrug it off, and she giggles along with me.  I usually remind her that I’m getting my car soon, and she’ll be the first one to see it. She giggles again.

It was semi–awkward eating a sub sandwich while the other client was waiting for her nails to dry, as Kim and I were having a chat about “pretty white cars”. When we were done eating, I thought she asked me if I wanted water “I get you some wata!” so I agreed. She booted it upstairs again and came down with yogurt for the two of us (not the other client though lol poor thing! I have to admit though, the client was a bit strange). I finished off my yogurt and chucked the empty container in the garbage next to me. Kim walked across the room to the water cooler, and poured us a cup full of water. At this point my toes are nice and warm in the bubbling blue bath water, and it’s about quarter to six. I’m getting treated like royalty here! A teenage girl walked in and Kim waxed her eyebrows. Once she was done with the teen, Kim came over to me and said “See? I not do you yet because of her!” then she giggles. I giggle back and said “ohhhhh right!”.

I’m not sure why she treats me differently than anyone else. I think it’s because I tip her well, and when I can’t afford to I still tip her a few bucks. I mean, she’s totally undercharging for everything, and she’s so meticulous at what she does, and very very slow. I notice people don’t tip at all (which is fine I mean, not everyone can). Eyebrow wax is $5, Pedi’s are $20, and Mani’s $10!!! I drive by places all the time and it says Pedi/Mani $65. I’m usually there at her place for an hour or more, and leave feeling super clean and refreshed. She only needs to put one coat on the polish and sprays something on afterwards, and it makes the polish look so shiny and nice. I’ve never had a pedi done by her that feels like a baby’s bottom (I’m not even kidding), and the polish never chips — it grows out. That’s how long it lasts. And the designs! Oh the designs she does is so intricate, beautiful, and of course done by hand. So, amazing. Love. Her.

Now, I leave you with a photo of my freshly painted hot pink pedi to admire with me!


By the way, those wedge shoes are the devil in disguise. They may look brand new, even though they were purchased in 2006. I remember why I rarely wear them. They give me blisters, unfortunately. Ugh, the price I pay for looking girly for a day…Can you spot the band aids (yes plural!)?

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