Food posts aren’t helping the hunger pains

Note to self: do not visit said food blogs on an empty stomach. Especially when you have a lame frozen dinner (blue menu at least) waiting for you in the freezer, for lunch.

I’ve been adding a lot of people to my blogroll lately, mainly people who post a lot about what they’ve had to eat in the run of a day. Let me tell you just one thing, here ladies and gents. I need to remember which ones are the food blogs and which ones are not. Because I’m sitting here reading this, this, and this blog and salivating over everything. Ugh?

I’d love to purchase a sandwich press so I can make my own panini’s, and post my own food posts like Kristin. Maybe I’ll do that, once I get a car so I can race home and actually have a hot meal for lunch!

Speaking of food. Why isn’t Colonel spelled like it sounds? Kernal? That’s one thing that annoys me about the English language. However, in the mall there is a kiosk that sells bagged popcorn and the name of the place is actually called Kernal’s. Mmmm I love popcorn, especially movie popcorn (with out anything else on it.) Want to know who else makes bomb popcorn that is trans fat free and pretty much great for you? Presidents Choice all you Canadians. President’s Choice Blue Menu popcorn?  (It should totally be rated 5 star in my books.) Triathelete boyfriend approves of this PC  brand popcorn! Horrah! I’m usually drawn to the natural flavor, but I’m curious to find out how good the butter flavor is. Have you tried it out?

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  1. Please stay away from butter!!!!! Olive oil is healthier than it. Follow the advice from italian, french, spanish, greek…….cooks. I adore english cook Jamie Oliver, I don’t know if his books are sold in Canada……he`s my heroe

  2. What in the world are you getting on with Pedro? I didn’t say anything about cooking in butter. I don’t even like cooking with butter, not to worry! I was talking about faux butter flavored popcorn :/ lol

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