63 seems like a good number

This is my 63rd blog post entry for April. Are you kidding me? Who updates that much, and what have I been talking about?

Thankfully now that I’ve completed going to the gym 4x/week for April — I can have a nice good rest this weekend and relax… maybe watch some movies that my Mom put on an external hard drive for me. I mean, I’ve already picked up some Kernal’s popcorn, so whyyyyyy not. Spose that’s what I’ll do.

What are your plans for this weekend? It’s should be warm here, but it’s going to rain! Maybe I’ll head over to the grocery store (use their barcode scanner) and get some goodies too! hehehe.

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  1. I think we’re in for some rain as well. Which doesn’t bother me that much since I have no plans as of yet… lol

  2. You have been a blogging fool! :) So tell us, after 4x a week at the gym for a whole month, what changes have you noticed?? Motivate me!

  3. We are finally taking a break from the rain here and having a beautiful weekend. No big plans though!

  4. If it makes you feel any better we had snow last night and the plows were out this morning. It is all gone now though :) oh my…

  5. My plans=bed,sleep,and reading. haha I’ve got some kind of sickness going on so rest is key for me this weekend. I don’t know how you do it I always come up so blank on what to blog, Either that or I have a great idea and when I go to type it up *poof* its a goner. hahaha

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