63 seems like a good number

This is my 63rd blog post entry for April. Are you kidding me? Who updates that much, and what have I been talking about?

Thankfully now that I’ve completed going to the gym 4x/week for April — I can have a nice good rest this weekend and relax… maybe watch some movies that my Mom put on an external hard drive for me. I mean, I’ve already picked up some Kernal’s popcorn, so whyyyyyy not. Spose that’s what I’ll do.

What are your plans for this weekend? It’s should be warm here, but it’s going to rain! Maybe I’ll head over to the grocery store (use their barcode scanner) and get some goodies too! hehehe.

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April’s Accomplishments

I’ve been blogging about my monthly fitness regimen, which you can check out: (January | February | March). In February I mentioned that I wanted to up  my workouts to 4x per week in March. Unfortuch I didn’t make that goal.

Do you think I made it this month? Well — check out below and see for yourselves how I did!

April 4 – 10
Mon: Boot Camp (6:45am – 7:30am). As I mentioned in my previous monthly posts I really don’t like the instructor that teaches this class. But thankfully for me, my favorite teacher was the substitute for this class! Wahhhhooooo. I sweat like a beast when she’s teaching us. I love it.
Tues: Boot Camp (5:15pm – 6:15pm). Again, fav teacher in this class. 2nd day in a row of Boot Camp. <3’s it.
Wed: Strength (5:15pm – 6:00pm). This class is always fun as she has stations set up and the class literally flies by.
Thurs: Learn To Run (5:00pm – 6:00pm) I did this class so I could take a break from spin class as it’s just incredibly brutal and makes me want to die when I’m on the bike. We ended up doing a loop around the Uni and did 90 seconds running/jogging, then 2 minutes of walking. It went well! I’ll be going again.

April 11 – 17
Mon:Boot Camp (6:45am – 7:30am) I left early because they ended up running around in a circle upstairs (Remember I posted about this before?) so I jumped on the treadmill and did a slow 11:10 minute mile. lol
Tues: Boot Camp (5:15pm – 6:15pm) Wow. An hour Boot Camp is a lot longer than a 45 minute one. Still love this class. Still makes me sweat like a beast.
Strength (5:15pm – 6:00pm) …. I don’t remember what we did?
Thurs: Learn To Run (5:00pm – 6:00pm) We did a 2 minute run, 2 minute walk for about 4.0k. Pretty wicked.

April 18 – 24
Mon: Boot Camp (6:45am – 7:30am) Always tired in this morning class, but it pumps me up for the rest of the day!
Tues: Learn To Run (5:00pm – 6:00pm) Ran for 3 minutes, walked for 1. Upped out mileage to 4.5k. Oh I was dead by the end of it, but decided since the Boyf wasn’t done at the gym I’d hope on the treadmill for another 2.0 miles (3.8k!!!!!). I blogged about that, too.
Wed: Strength (5:15pm – 6:00pm). Love this class, always works my most hated exercise  – Lunges/Squats and weights. Ugh, brutal but it’s worth it.
Thurs: Learn To Run (5:00pm – 6:00pm) 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off. Pleasant!

April 25 – 30
Mon: My freaking ALARM didn’t go off this morning. Meaning I was scared to death I wasn’t going to make my 4x a week goal this month!
Learn To Run (5:00pm – 6:00pm) We ended up doing 4.0km running 4 minutes on, 2 minutes off. I thought this class was going to be the end of me, today. It was SO &*^ difficult! The end of our run ended in an uphill and instead of walking after the 4 minute run, we all decided to run that extra minute. It killed me going against the wind, in the cold weather and ugh. Just brutal.
Wed: Strength (5:15pm – 6:00pm) I really didn’t want to go to this class because I was running on latte’s and 3 hours of sleep. I needed to go because how else would I reach my goal of 4x a week if I didn’t end up going this day? Tired workout, but worth it.
Thurs: Learn To Run (5:00pm – 6:00pm) 4 minutes on, 2 minutes walking. Ran with my buddy again and it was fantastic! The run literally flew by!!!!
Fri: Boot Camp (6:45am – 7:30am) I decided to go today and just get the class over with. Plus it was with my favorite instructor filling in for another one. I sweat in the weirdest places, when she teaches.

Success! I did it! I DID IT! I made it 4x a month, especially since the last week started off awful! YAY! Now I can sleep in for a few days and eat junk! HAHAHA.

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I’mma chewer

I mentioned this ages ago, but ever since getting my braces off I am a gum fanatic. The only gum that keeps me coming back is the Dentyne Blast, and I can’t find it in “normal” pocket sized packs. Only jars! No complaints here anyway. Have you guys tried it? It has a juicy center when you chomp into the crispy gum (and usually I’m not a fan of the hard gum, more like the sticks of soft gum I used to go for until I found this). But the flavor lasts so incredibly long and it doesn’t loose its elasticity if that makes any sense. I used to go through a jar of gum per week but that got a little ridiculous and I’m not going through 40 pieces that quickly anymore. It’s like I’m addicted to something like the best diet pills for women … but not.

Do you have a favorite chewing gum? Or are you just not a fan of gum at all? I’m interested in trying out some gum from the states. I heard Orbit was pretty tasty, hey? Maybe we should do a swap lol. Someone send me orbit, and I’ll send you Dentyne Blast! Yummers.

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