Finding my way home

I forgot to mention that my upcoming birthday is on a payday. How sweet is that? Hopefully I’ll get my big tax return before my birthday too, so my whole paycheque doesn’t have to go to bills :(

You guys wouldn’t believe what I did this morning. All by myself!

The boyf and I woke up at 4:00 am so he could drive himself in my car, to the Toronto airport, while he gets on a flight and I drive back. Early in the morning I had to navigate my very first trip driving on any Ontario highway, let alone by myself, trying to find my way home!! He just told me what highway numbers to stay on, and don’t get in any exit lanes lol.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad, when it’s not busy and you remember to read the signs. Plus, the traffic was pretty slow at 5:30 in the morning!

So I got home by ten to seven and jumped in the shower immediately to warm myself up. It’s another chilly one today, had to break out the fall jacket. My routine in the morning takes me a certain time and since I was home at an odd hour, I didn’t know where to start. I was ready to leave the house at 8:00 when my work is a four minute drive away and I don’t start til 9:00. I was bored out of my trees playing with the dog! I did make a stop to Starbucks (hazelnut latte!) using the gift card Jeanine got me. Oh it will definitely come in handy and I’ll probably pop by again there this afternoon if I’m feeling drowsy. Seriously, caffeine does wonders to a body when the body isn’t used to it. I’m SO wide awake right now after 3 hours of sleep. OW OW!

I have no idea what flavors are offered at Starbucks and I often get the same things unless people tell me to try it out. Hazelnut Latte, Mocha Frap, Green Tea Latte (vom), and Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (yum). I finally asked the barrister what syrups are offered and he gave me a card with a list of them on there. Nice! Did not know that!

Mmmm some good b’ys.

Oh I almost forgot to mention about running outside last night. Yes, it was still cold and I wore my COTTON (ewh) long sleeved out during our run. I swear, I wouldn’t know what to do before/after a run, if I wasn’t told every step of the stretching. It’s bad, I can be a flake sometimes.

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  1. Good job on getting home! I can totally feel your anxiety I used to almost have panic attacks when I had to drive long distances all by myself. Too many horror movies I guess! :)

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