Peonies and shopping

I’m kinda glad I don’t have to be anywhere today. After 6 days of workouts (with 2 & 3 workouts/day), I’m needing a break. Even my butt is sore! I’m blaming that one on the yoga because hoo-wee, that “power yoga” stuff is hard man. I sweat just as much there as I would at CrossFit if you can believe it. Thankfully not all classes are power yoga.

pink peoniesChatted with my Mom earlier yesterday, and I was stressing out a little about planning out trip home to Newfoundland. She told me that I should go treat myself to something, which I did at Trader Joes. Ah, Mom’s always know best. I bought some $6.99 pink peonies. I couldn’t find them at the one by our house. But I popped into a different location and there they were. House smells great!

I’m heading out to this one strip mall that has Nordstrom Rack, and the Nike Outlet store to do a bit of looking around :)

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