Tuesday dual run

I went and did my running class outside today! We keep taking different routes which is great for keeping things different. I live about 3km’s away from work and the gym and guess where we ran today? Right by my apartment building. I totally wanted to stop and go in… and sleep. Sort of. But it was only half way through, so I had some juice left in me.

We ended up doing 4½ km’s where we ran for 3 minutes and walked for 1. ¾’s of the way through I was getting tired of it (since we just looped back at the half way mark). I kept up the pace with the 5 people running ahead of me, and by the end of it, we couldn’t see all the others + the instructor! Guess it’s safe to say we were clippin’ along! I love that feeling.

Apparently by June (June 20 will be our first 5k together) we should be able to do a 25 minute 5k! That’s my goal, yo!! See on the right and bar there? I haven’t ran a race since 2008. Eek, hehe.

Can you believe that I decided to run more once I was done with the run outside? I have no idea how miles converts over to kilometers, but I ended up running 2.0 miles in 21:08 on the treadmill today, besides Scott. He had a half hour left of his endurance run and I decided to “waste time” by jogging too lol. It was a brutal run for me inside on that treadmill, mainly because I was completely pooped by the end of my 4k and I just pumped out another 2 miles (# km’s??). I ended up running at a 5.5/mph (I think that’s a 10:5-something minute mile? Then every four minutes I ran at a speed of 7.0 on the treadmill for 60 seconds. It was bad at the end of mile 2, I kept having to grab my stomach from having a stitch.

Copying Susan‘s way of documenting her run. This is mine (well, on the treadmill anyway)

Minutes Speed – MPH Incline
0-4 5.5 0
4-5 7.0 0
5-9 5.5 0
9-10 7.0 0
10-14 5.5 0
14-15 7.0 0
15-18 5.5 0
18-19 7.0 0
19-20 5.5 0
20-25 3.5 0

Then a 5 minute cool down to bring my crazy heart rate back to normal.

So who’s watching the playoffs? I am – kind of. Boyfriend is an Ottawa Senators fan, so it’s on the teeveeeee now. They’re losing! :(


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  1. I just typed 2 miles into my distance converter on my iTouch and it came back that 2 miles is equal to 3.704 km

    That is a LOT of running for one day :)

    Nancy says: Woa. Neat. I bet I could try and run a 10k and maybe be capable of doing it in less than TWO hours (lol!!)

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