Two team mates, two medicals

Get this. I hurt my ankle, got it checked out by a Sports Medicine Doctor my team mate recommended. I’ll be adopting her (my team mate) as my physio/massage therapist until my ankle heals. My team mate — my name twin, will be working on me. Isn’t that neat? I’d show you a picture of her and I. But we were both a nasty sweaty mess after a game and I really hate wearing my hair up. So you don’t get to see.


I needed a new family doctor. There’s one on our team. She was accepting one thousand new patients. Meaning, the Boyf and I now have a family doctor. Which is cool, but a little uncomfortable now. However, she is very professional/quiet/motherly-like on the field. But I have to tell her my HISTORY. That’s kinda weird. Especially if she has to see me naked. Right?


I want to go visit my new family doctor. Soon. Doctor Beth is her nickname on the field. I need to visit her and ask her if I’m healthy. I had my B12 & Iron levels checked in 2006 and they were dangerously low (don’t really know the numbers off hand). I’d like to check to see if I need to still keep taking the Iron and  B12 supplements or not. I haven’t been taking them religiously though. Maybe a couple every few months. Bad!

Another question? I want to ask her why I hit my max heart rate  (199bpm) by walking/light jogging on an incline on the treadmill. I can still talk, I can still walk. I’m not sweating like a pig. Just hitting the heart rate so high and so easily. Maybe it was because I knew I was getting a fitness assessment done and I was self-conscious about  the numbers? I’m not sure. But I’d like to know if I’m going to drop dead or anything sketchy like that.

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  1. Does that happen all the time with your heart rate? Maybe it was just a fluke….

    Nancy says: Well it happens a lot. I run ONE mile on the treadmill to see what my heart rate is like, and just yesterday it was at something ridiculous of 186bpm. I don’t get it. It’s sorta scary!!!

  2. Maybe your true max heart rate is higher than you think? Or you have been training too hard?

    Once I got a heart rate monitor with my GPS watch last May, I realized I was always running in the 185+ HR range. After that point, I started running slower, and my heart rate was staying below the 180s more. I still do a couple faster paced runs per week, and a couple longer distance “easy” (slower) runs, and found that my heart rate has really dropped over the past year – both while exercising, and in how quickly my heart rate recovers when I stop running.

    Good luck!

    Nancy says: I had a fitness assessment done and the personal trainer took my age/weight/height (or maybe not my height. I’m not sure) and did some crazy math and came up with my max heart rate. So maybe it really isn’t my max. But even still, 199 is pretty high to hit when I’m not given’er my all. I mean, I was only jogging. I sprint like a crazy lady on the soccer field, and I can feel my heart pumping out of my chest and I feel totally fine. I even recover quickly too. I think I’ll have to bring it up to my new family doctor, and see what she thinks of it all.

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