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What I’ve been eating the last few days. I think tonight I’ll be making the pita pizzas with chicken.

Mini quiche in cupcakes. Will be making these again! They have 1 whole egg per cupcake holder thing. Some broccoli, mushrooms, cheese, and red pepper! I served it with a salad and potato pancakes.

I just need a better idea on how to keep the eggs from sticking to the paper. Maybe non-stick spray would help?

Paninis are the best comfort food for me right now. I just dislike the fact that it scratches the roof of my mouth causing uncomforts  while eating :( Though not as uncomfortable as googling colon cleansing reviews with your pop’s around! What!?

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  1. Those quiches are cute! I would maybe just try not using paper at all and coating the cupcake tin with nonstick spray… that’s what I do when I make mini cornbread muffins… (and you save yourself from having to buy cupcake holders!)

    Nancy says: Then you’d just scrape out the eggs from the little cupcake holder things? I suppose I could do that – I never thought of it, ha!

  2. Hey I agree with Amy…whenever I make egg cupcakes I don’t use liners but I spray the inside of the muffin tin with nonstick spray and they come out just fine…no sticking at all!

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