Alfie’s first bath

We gave Alfie a bath two weekends ago. I knew he wouldn’t like being dunked in the water the very first time he saw it. So for the months leading up to his first bath (He doesn’t get that dirty so he hasn’t needed one until now. Bathing a dog too often isn’t the best for their skin.) I let him in the tub with the cold water running off the tap a few times a week and he used to drink the water that was pouring out. I ended up filling the tub to his knees, and started with him in my arms and me getting some water in my other hand and just petting him down with the water. Soon after, I just put him in the tub. Of course he tried to jump out immediately, that’s when I decided I should probably hold on to him.

Here are the photos of his first bath experience. lol.

He was whimpering the whole time. At least he stood still.

Can’t believe how “skinny” he looked without all that fur fluffing him up.

Pityful isn’t it? lol

He’s totally thinking: “Are you almost done?”

Feeling quite hyper after the bath!

Chewing on treats, after his first bath! Good booooy!

Good sitting! (For more treats, of course)

I got soaked pretty bad, and didn’t end up taking any more cute pictures in his bright yellow towel like I did before. But none the less, and overall it went well! Yay!

I meant to tell you all that we took Alfie to Obedicene Training two extra times this week so he would pass his Level 1 course last night. He did exceptionally well, and we’ll be advancing to Level 2 next week! Wahooooo!!!!!!!! It was a bit nerve-wracking as the two extra days I took him, he was pretty good on the “down stay” command, and didn’t get up once in the four minutes. However, on testing day, he got up twice. I was a wreck, thinking he’d fail. LOL!

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  1. Good Lord!!! He looks like a totally different dog right after the bad. By the way, while a was taking a stroll last Sunday I saw a young couple wandering with a pet sooooo similar to yours……..did you come to Spain last weekend?

  2. Alfie is so cute!!! I want a puppy! Our dog is 14…so he doesn’t…um…do much anymore. He is actually Keith’s dog that I inherited via the marriage. I am so ready to get a dog together but Keith refuses until Kodi passes away.

    Nancy says: I don’t think I knew you had a dog! Post pictures, I’d like to see him :) Oh man, Alfie is a lot of work for sure since his breed is known to be quite hyper. But he’s a cutie, for sure!

  3. Congrats to you and Alfie on passing Level 1 of the course! Good luck with level 2. He looks soooooo different during/after the bath! So skinny, but so cute! :)

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