Oh it’s just a rental…

Ever since I spotted the Lamborghini in the West Edmonton Mall, I’ve been a little intrigued to say the least. Just looking up the prices of expensive cars like Maserati’s and Aston Martin’s made a few teeth fall out of my head from my jaw dropping.

What I find interesting about the Lamborghini’s is their fancy doors that are vertical, and look like something out of a comic book movie. Imagine being that well off, that you could just purchase (omg or even RENT) a luxury vehicle at that cost. Couldn’t even imagine what the bathrooms let alone their homes look like. Probably the size of our whole apartment plus some more. I love bathrooms and kitchens by the way — doesn’t everyone?

Notice how Lambo rhymes with Rambo. Does Sylvester Stallone own a Lamborghini? Those are the only type of people I think would be able to afford one, and not even drive it that often because, really when would you have the chance to drive a pricey thing like that? Summer’s are such a rarity (okay not really. Let’s just pretend they are) in Canada and even then we have monsoons thunder storms and occasional pot holes in the ground. I’d tell you what I’d do with a car like that. Take it to a safe track and have a blast. Not an explosion blast, just a blast as in fun.

I’m not even close to comparing the two cars though. But when the Boyf and I went to test drive a BMW last year, the salesmen asked if he could take us out once before we actually drove it ourselves. To show us how the car handled the road, and how fast yet safe it was. I gotta tell ya something here folks. I was seriously giggling like a school girl in the back of the bimmer, sliding from side to side — it was like an amusement ride. IMAGINE IT BEING 100X BETTER — IN A LAMBORGHINI. Someone take me for a spin!!!

(Wahoooo ma, look – no eyes on the road!) Vrrrooom.

Acting like this? I’m pretty sure the dealership if they know I drive like a crazy lady, probably wouldn’t let me take one out even if I had a million bucks to spend.  Know anyone who drives one? Ha!!

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  1. I love the Aston Martin Vantage!! I know because I saw one parked on the STREET about a year ago in a neighborhood near my apartment. That’s right, all that $$ car on the ROAD, not in a driveway. Anyway, it’s beautiful. I’ve also seen some Maseratis tooling around.

    I live in central NJ (Princeton) where there are lots of people with big bucks or they at least lease these cars… it’s amazing to me though, because the roads are in such bad shape here (despite all the taxes they must take in from big pharmacy and financial salaries) and traffic is so bad – I can’t imagine it being much fun to drive one of these to and from work.

    While not the *most* expensive car, we do have a Lotus dealership nearby too – those are pretty rare. I’ve also seen a Tesla (super expensive electric car), and occasional Lambo and some Ferraris! Over in a nearby town in Pennsylvania there’s a house that always has a Bentley out front. The other day I drove to work behind the brand new Porsche Panamera. While we may not be able to afford a house here (ever) it sure is a great area for car watching. There are so many new luxury cars here – then when we go back to where we’re from in Western NY I forget that this is not the norm.

    We’ve gone to the Philadelphia car show a couple times – and we these cars are typically behind velvet ropes. We joke that you probably have to show a tax return to be allowed behind the rope to sit in one of them.

    Nancy says: Oh I knew I wanted to mention the Tesla in my post too. I saw a “fancy looking car” at one of the big businesses here in town & one of the founders of the company drives this fancy black Tesla. I twit-pic’ed it a few months ago. Gorgeous car.

  2. A friend in Colorado married into a VERY wealthy family and unfortunately it ended in divorce. She ended up acquiring one of her ex husband’s lamborghini gallardos (He had 2!!?!) As if.

  3. I’m not into those “supercars”. I think most of them are so vulgar and exagerated.

    Anyway, i loved 80’s and early 90’s BMW’s. They were so classy and beautiful, but by 99 they all got so ugly. For me, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover are the best. Too bad i can’t afford any of those. =p

    I drive a Honda Fit (a.k.a. Honda Jazz)

  4. I live in Vegas and see crazy nice cars all the time. Of course, I can’t afford to even rent one. Have you tried? There is a deposit of thousands of dollars just to rent a car like that. No thanks.

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