West Edmonton Mall “Galaxyland”

Going on the drop zone ride inside the West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland was a blast! We went on it so often, that we ended up posing for most of the photos. What a thrill, I loved the weightless feeling.

The first time I went on this ride, I was in clear view of the people viewing from halfway up the ride where the main floor was. In fact, I was actually being filmed by some old man which I did not appreciate.  But I kept fiddling with my seat belt that goes over my shoulders thinking it wasn’t secure enough for my liking. When we were shot up into the air, I kept (screaming) repeating “I don’t like it, I don’t like ittt!!” The photo snapped of me had some veins popping out of my neck and my mouth all “eeee I don’t like it” like I was scared you-know-what.

After that I wanted to go on it again, to try and not be so scared anymore. Fight those fears! I ended up not holding onto the straps at all, and just letting go. Instead of taking hgh pills, go on a few rides to boost yourself up! Ha!

Yea I’m barefoot. I didn’t want to lose my $3 old navy flop flops.

I didn’t want to buy the photo because they’re stupidly priced. So I got the boyf to snap that one of us, posing. I thought it’d come out a lot clearer, since the reason I wanted him to take that photo was because of my glorious happy excited face. I wasn’t actually screaming for joy, I was just posing with my tongue out and my limbs were flailing. It looked great though, promise!

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