I feel great!

Believe it or not, this is finally the first day that I haven’t felt a nasty flavor in my mouth when I swallowed. I hope it’s not that Green Monster that I tried on Saturday, but I’m not going to try it again for another little while either.

I went on a hunt for skinny pants for work, during lunch yesterday and I wore them to work today. They look more black than charcoal, even though I also did buy a black pair too. Either way, you’ll see them in the OOTWW posts coming up on Friday!

I knew this was a busy time of year at work when our new fiscal year starts in October, and everything comes to an end / we have our annual general meeting and so much new marketing and graphic design stuff has to be produced like Canada savings bonds, student loan brochures, re-vamp old brochures, mingle with some acquaintances and colleagues over BBQ’s (hey, I’m not complaining about that one). Lots of running around! Literally, because I kind of bailed on my running friends for the longest time, and I realized that if I don’t start running again now, I’ll fall into the trap of not working out for like a whole year again.

It’s just so hectic at work, and I love it! I love being so incredibly busy that I feel that the days just fly by. Then it will soon be time for my weekend getaway! Eee!!

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  1. Yay for finding work pants! I desperately need new ones too. I currently only have 2 pairs that I keep wearing/washing over and over… and they are just not in good shape.

    I love being busy at work too – makes the days go by SO much faster.

  2. Being busy at work is great, specially because the time passes by much quickly. Plus not doing anything at work, makes me feel useless.

    Get up and keep on running =] BBQ’s + no exercise = Not good

    As for working pants, i remember you talking about a store called Mexx. Have you looked there? I don’t like skinny pants for work, because i think it would look too casual. But that’s just me. Maybe should i give it a try?

  3. I loveeee being busy, too! Sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but I feel so accomplished when I look at the clock and it’s later than I expected and I’ve been ridiculously productive. :)

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