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So I’ve been pretty ill the past few days, I think it all started Saturday afternoon when I couldn’t get this nasty taste of vom out of my mouth each time I swallowed. Yesterday was much worse, and I was keeling over in pain. I don’t know if it was something I ate/drank. It was not a good day.  Nobody really wants to hear any more detailed information, so I’ll talk about clothes I want. That’s always fun, right?

It was bound to happen. I haven’t done a wish list in a long time. Even though I only recently got back from vacation, there’s still things on a girls mind you know!

Dwarf Quince Cardigan ($118). I saw about 3 people in the Anthro store snag one and I decided to try it on in the store as well. I wouldn’t pay the money for this one since it’s not really my style, but it looked very smart when I tried it on!

Molded & Melded Tee ($58) Also tried this top on in stores, but didn’t purchase it because I didn’t want to go wild and spend a whole pay cheque in the store. I like this in the beigey grey/brown color too.

Twist Of Fate Cardi ($138) WANT. WANT!! I tried this beautiful numbah on, and fell in love. Unfortch I can’t fathom paying that much for a thin piece of cotton fabric. It’s beautilicious on me too, ain’t it? :)

Buoyant Bunches Cardi ($88)Uh, clearly I’m a fan of long cardigans this season hey? I tried this on in the stores too (Hey, I was in there for a good hour or more!) and loved it. Though I felt it reminded me of this cardigan I already have. But maybe this one pictured is nicer? I want it :(

Wild Bunch Tank ($118) That much for a stupid tank top? Oh puhlease. I know Anthro makes quality clothing but seriously? I still can’t stop staring at it though. 

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  1. I love that cardi on you too! I have a love/hate relationship with Anthro – they have the cutest stuff but it’s so pricey! I guess it’s a good thing that they have frequent sales!

    P.S. Do you do Ironman tris or just your bf? My hubs has competed in 4, so I understand what it’s like to be an “Ironman widow” :)

    Nancy says: I’m getting a little involved with running (and only starting with 5k’s for now), and I actually don’t have that much interest in doing a triatlon – at the moment anyway. I love your blog btw, and I read EVERY day!!!

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