Adventures in Nancytown

I probably have a concussion. Saturday night I was drinking, my friend Scott told me to jump on their back, they didn’t catch me and I fell right over him and landed head first onto the concrete. My shoulder really hurts, and so does my head. Guess I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

My birthday is on Saturday. The people in my class and I are going out for dinner later on this week to celebrate it, I’m takin’ Ryan with me too – It’ll be pretty nice. By that time I think I’ll own a new digital camera. I got my income tax return back, so I think my Mom and I are going halfs on one, for my birthday.

Intersession at school started today. We got a ton of assignments to do already. Plus a marketing research assignment. I’m the “team leader”!! Woohoo. I’m hoping to do a good job, being the leader. I told anyone if I suck, to kick me off the totem pole. Booyaw.

I’m starving. I don’t remember what I ate for lunch today. The day flew by and all I saw were assignments which are due soon. June 10th and it’s summer time for meeeee.

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