Bringing back the oldies

It took basically a whole entire day, but I finally ended up backing up most of my website archives from previous websites I had in the past. I went to to grab them all. I could go back as early as 2004, and vaguely remembered my URL in 2003, but apparently it didn’t end up “fetching” any of the blog posts. I can’t exactly remember when  I started blogging, I’d like to say 2002 but most definitely in 2003.

4 hours of copying and pasting then publishing those posts from 2004-2007, as you can imagine. A lot of embarrassing spelling mistakes and I tried to delete the swear words, because — c’mon.. that’s not nice lol.

So. If you’re so very inclined to look back at what I was doing, I have some featured posts for you guys:

Everything else just seemed not very link worthy. My life was revolved around climbing, bouldering, working at the hospital, graphic design school and drinking! Every. Post. was like that! lol At least I’m a little more diverse now.

I did like some of my fancy layouts though, check them out, haha! The brown one used to have a gold/white Christmas ornament on it, that’s why it looks bare. Thought I’d keep ya in the loop on that one ;)

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