Spa day for my car

Almost two weeks ago, I dropped off my little snowball to the car spa. Ha!! I dislike washing it myself, because who wants to do that? I’m a girl, not a guy who loves washing his car each and every week. I do like to have it sparkle though. I used to bring it into automated car washes, that was until it stopped getting clean in there. My car shows dust a lot, especially on the back of the car, so I thought it was time to go for its yearly treatment at this place my retired CEO brought me to when my car was brand new. My car has only been there once (and I only like to get it waxed just once a year), so last summer I brought’er in for a 2 coat wax and wash.

This time I went all out. 2 coats of wax, and an interior cleaning. Mainly because during the winter I brought home a fully cooked rotisserie chicken and laid the bag on my passenger seat and it leaked out cooked chicken juice onto my seat and left a stain. They ended up getting it all out which was totally fab. A cop was also getting his car cleaned, on the job. He was in his full uniform. I thought that was kinda strange. He did have a few kind words to say to me about the place we were at. I agreed that they did an AMAZING job and I love going there each year.

Car before. Car after.

Not too shabby. One thing I’ve noticed though after having my car for almost 2 years – parking it in our underground parking lot, there’s always some unusual smells coming from there. Some times it smells like food, other times it smells like B.O, and never does it smell like best laminate flooring, wouldn’t that just smell kinda plasticy?

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