My CrossFit Journal (week 22)

I forgot to post this on Saturday! Whoops!

I know I said I’d publish my CrossFit FAQ’s, but the post is seriously getting really long. I need to learn how to summarize better and try to get the questions answered in the best, shortest way possible. Also, this week I’ve been feeling very fit. As in, my mid section where all of my bad habits like to lay. I feel very good with that part of my body lately!

I also decided I was feeling rather lazy and post photos of only the first workout. I suppose if you were really interested you could search for what they mean.


Week 22 Day 1.

Our CrossFit moved locations so this day was the official first day at the new “box”! The first WOD (workout of day) for our new bigger gym was…

30 Clean + Squat; 135/95lbs

I used 55lbs in total.



Week 22 Day 2.

Every 2 minutes for 10 Rounds perform:

100m Sprint
10 Clapping Pushups
10 KB Swing; 24/16kg
Rest till 2 minutes runs out

Every two minutes this workout lasts. In some of the rounds I wasn’t even done my pushups and we had to go for the run again. See what I mean? You don’t always finish your round, it’s just the round lasts for 2 minutes. Am I explaining that well? lol. It was insane. I was pink, and literally dripping with sweat. I had to towel off with a paper towel and it was soaked pretty thorough. Nasty. Why doesn’t anyone else look nasty when they workout? I’m pink and my hair even changes color. Orange! lol Maybe it’s all in my head, but I’m looking straight into the mirror… sooo, ya know.



No weight loss pills needed over here. Just CrossFit for me! Not that I’d take those pills, just sayin’.

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