Molly Shannon moves at Girls Night In

My co-workers and I got together for another girls night IN (this time) over the weekend. We went to Julie’s house!!!

It was so fun, we had a dance party in the basement, went out for pizza for supper and the girls drank! I wasn’t mis-behaving this time though, I still had evil hangover memories of the previous girls night out.

Playing around at the Liquor store. Being the loudest and most sober one’s in there. I haven’t browsed around the LCBO’s in a while, because some of the (new to me) vodka bottles are shaped like perfume bottles! So pretty, lol. We found the wine/spritzer called  “Girls Night Out” that my cousin bought to have with Easter Dinner just a few weekends ago.

Some of the girls. Mostly Julie’s cousins. Can you spot Julie? hhaha I won’t show the blonde 80’s mullet wig I was wearing. I’m thinking my co-workers may keep that photo in hiding to embarrass me in the future :)

Dance party skills in the basement, put to work. Molly Shannon get those moves on! (Remember I dressed up like Molly Shannon for Halloween?). Love that leverage.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well! I love girl nights.

I’m off to research this thing called squarespace review, for my website. May see some ch-ch-changes.

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  1. Oh the fun!
    i had a great time too, and though i felt like I was in grade 8 again… i loved all of it !
    whats better than dancing in a friends basement to good tunes and being silly! and having a few yummy drinks… remember the sourpuss laugh at the LCBO Nanc!


  2. This is awesome!! Thanks for including the cousins in your blog:) Can’t wait until the next dance party!

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