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If I was to sum up the weekend into just a few words, I’d have to say: sleep deprived, too much sun, and dramatic. On Friday night I slept over at my boyfriend’s place while his sister hotelwas spending her last night in town at his place. We woke up at 6AM (who does that on a weekend!?) to head out to the Farmer’s Market before she had to come back home and wait for the airport shuttle to pick her up. That was all fine and dandy, and went smooth as ever. Except we hit a small bit of traffic on the way back from the 15 minute drive to the apartment. We park underground and realized that Scott forgot his blackberry and possibly thought the airport shuttle people were outside the front door. One would think it’d be better to actually park out front, and not out back and underground lol. Whatever, we just raced back around the building after Scott parked, and indeed that’s where we spotted the shuttle. We were only ONE minute late, and his sister was the last pick up of the ride, so we weren’t too rushed or anything, just pretty much exactly on time.

Saturday afternoon we packed up everything and headed out on the 4 hour ride up north to Muskoka for Scott’s triathlon on Sunday morning. We were an hour and a half behind schedule due to taking a nap from being so tired since we woke up early and ran around doing errands. Got to the hotel, checked in, woke up 5:30 on Sunday morning (UGH?) and drove to the race site. I spent the whole morning and mid afternoon outside in a black tank top and black lululemon pants. It was a scorcher! I’m glad now I didn’t bring shorts because I was sunburned when I was wearing my tank top. I don’t think I could’ve handled more sun. I even had a headache from being outside from 8am to 2pm. His race went well. We decided to head back to the hotel after everything was done, and check out. Meanwhile this whole time I only ate a granola bar and slice of pizza (Scott gave me a piece of his after the race as they were for the racers — aw!) and a terribly expensive small bottle of orange juice I bought during the race.

We got stuck in terrible cottage country traffic. Everyone heading home Sunday evening from their cottages = a longer drive than anticipated. Instead of it being a three and a half hour drive home it ended up taking an hour longer. Which resulted in me missing my second week of Sunday soccer in a row. I was super sad about it but there wasn’t anything we could’ve done really. Scott felt super bad and even though he had to go to his 8PM softball game he said he’d bring us to McDonalds after he got back. I smooched him goodbye when we got home and got a quick shower.

8:04PM I got a phone call.

It was Scott.

All he could say to me was that something terrible happened. He started telling me something but all I could do was listen in the background to see if he was in traffic (ie: car accident) or actually at softball (ie: I have no idea what could’ve been terrible). It was the latter, thankfully even though I blurted out: “CAR ACCIDENT?” even though I knew better. He responded with, “No no. Oh it’s much more devistating than that, even though a car accident would be terrible right now.” I was like ohhhhhhhhhh myyyy. So, he’s speaking to me, which mean’s he’s definitely okay or so it seemed. He said that he’s pretty sure his shoulder is broken and he had to be taken to the hospital right away. Devastating news. Not only all of these hours he put into swimming, biking, and running this winter and this tri-season. But the money that has been put into Ironman Canada that isn’t refundable. Close to three grand you guys. It’s nuts. There was no backing out now.

At the hospital, with the wonky mirror
At the hospital, with the wonky mirror

So he drove himself to the hospital, after me thinking that his co-workers wife was going to drive him. I hopped on the next bus down to emergency and waited with him. By this point it was about nine o’clock and the emergency waiting room didn’t look that busy. Thank God! We were both so so exhausted after the long weekend, and of course his huge race (2k swim, 55k bike, 15k run!!!). To make this blog entry less dramatic and not a huge book, I’ll summarize it. We were only at the hospital for four hours and got sent home with great news. It was just a separated shoulder. Not a break. Just take two weeks off and if it wasn’t 100% healed by then, come back for more x-ray’s. I started clapping and smiling like a nutbar when the Doctor told him the news.

It’s not quittin’ time yet!

Needless to say, we had to get home somehow and the buses probably weren’t running at that point and I can’t exactly drive Boyfriend’s standard vehicle because the clutch on that darn thing has a mind of its own and is just impossible to put in reverse and just… drive. So, again. Even though his right shoulder was the one that was sprained, he decided to take the car himself and drive. But we didn’t go home just yet! Oh no. We had to go to the McDonalds drive thru and get ME supper. Can you believe this guy of mine? I tell you. He’s in total agony and he’s keeping his promise to me about making it up to me (the way to my heart is definitely through my tummy!) and buy me some food.Eventually we got to bed pretty late, and I woke up for work a bit earlier because I was hitching a ride with my boss who was at the chiropractor across the street from boyfriend’s place.

I gotta say. I’m pretty tired today. But I’m also excited because I’m going to the next city to check out a Mazda 3 hatch this afternoon!!

Hope everyone’s weekend wasn’t as crazy as mine, and not as sunburned as I. However,  I’d still like to know how it was though!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Indeed that’s a crazy weekend!!! He is so amazingly lucky that his shoulder isn’t broken! Someone was smiling upon him. I hope that his healing goes on schedule so he can still compete in the Ironman.

  2. HOLY weekend!!!! I’m glad he’s okay though. And a car accident is way worse! But thank God everything is okay.

    And go get a redbull or take a nap or something! You’re going to get exhausted, if not already!

  3. I hope I don´t disturb you if I say your weekend could be the sript of a road movie……thanks God it ended more or less fine…. .This time i must say loud and clear: you really need your own (automatic) car as soon as possible!!!

  4. Oh my, I’m so so sorry to hear he hurt his shoulder. That’s awful news! But at least its only a separated shoulder, like you say, which sounds like it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Just a small blimp in the road!

    I feel so sorry for you though – no food, too hot, stressed out and tired. Poor thing. I hope you’re feeling better now hun!

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