Ankle massages

When name twin (My soccer team mate. We have the same first name, and almost the exact same last name! We became friends instantly lol) was working on my ankle at my Massage Therapy appointment, it didn’t feel as though she was doing much to it at all. But when I walked out the door as my appointment was done, it felt so much looser than my left foot which is 100%. I love it.She just told me to take it easy on the treadmill for the next little while and do ‘small runs’. Small runs to me, means 500 meters and long runs are 4k. Small runs to her though, is 4k. So I’m alright to keep on truckin’ on my “Learn to Run 5k!”

Written in my Sports Medicine chart, was something about my right knee. I’ve always had this tendon or ligament fall over my knee cap when I was doing squats/lunges and it’s been a royal pain since I was in my late teens. I just never did get it checked out because it hasn’t been painful. I can just feel it “snap” over when I bend. It doesn’t happen all the time when I bend my knee, but it’s definitely there most times. Name twin told me that it was my quadriceps muscle flipping over my knee cap! I’m not sure how she is going to end up fixing it, but it could also be due to my ankle and the heel spur I had in my foot as a child.

So much of it makes sense! Jeesh!

I go back to have another ankle massage next week then I’ll stop going to her as my work’s insurance doesn’t cover much massage therapy. I’ll be doing physio with her co-workers. I’ll be going to the same people that worked on the Boyfriend’s shoulder when he separated his shoulder blade last year. Apparently the guy that I “chose” (I don’t even know why I got to choose, but whatever) is a half ironman finisher. (The boyf is a FULL ironman finisher heh heh.). So that will be neat to talk to him about stuff I already somewhat know about, hey?

Soccer starts up after Mother’s Day. Hope I’m good to go with that ankle brace!!

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  1. I am so amazed at your soccer skill…I tried the running and kicking thing…hum…that landed me flat on my back with lots of pointing and laughing! :)

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