I enjoy running!

On Thursday we (the “Learn to Run” class at the gym/outdoors) ran a whole 4.5k! Thankfully our instructor didn’t up the running times in regards to the walking. I almost died when I had to run 3 minutes, and walk for 1 minute. Three quarters towards the end of my run I felt like giving up. Thankfully running in a group will help you not give up and just keep on going.

Thursday, we did the runs at 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off. Hehhh-vin! It was fabulous. By the end of it I told my new friend (yay for new running friends!) “Let’s run all the way back to the gym” so it was more like a 4 minute run.

I really do enjoy running, especially when other people make it pleasant and you actually can’t wait to run with them again. A few of us have the same stamina and want to quit at different times, except we’re both competitive and want to beat the people ahead of us, yet when one or the other wants to stop we’re like “Yeah. I’m dead. But we can’t stop!” I enjoy running! (And I totally want to get that shirt)

Anyway uh. I’m off to go relax (think about designing some birth announcements for friends) and admire my new pedi/mani! :)

OPI – Make Love

OPI – That’s Hot! Pink

My fingernail cuticles are SO nice now. They were so dry, cracked and nasty before. Also, yes it’s the same color on my toes as last time. When I find a good color I like, I stick with it for a while.

Have a great Saturday!!

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