Italy is where it’s at!

Ever since BF went to Italy five days ago, anything I watch or hear has been all about Italy. We do not have cable so I’ve got a real diverse selection with just a meer six channels to choose from. Sometimes channel 5 and 6 play the same darn thing. Channel 4 is mainly … oh, Italian. Yeah.  I watched a cooking show — the guy was Italian. I watched some home improvement show, and the guys HAMMER was from Italy. Or something like that. Even Lauren during the last episode of The Hills, was in Italy! lol I’m jealous. :(

It’s been a long week, I can’t even sleep right without him there, awwww. And anyone who e–mails/calls me gets an earful. Mainly because I can only call my parents and brother every so often without them getting sick of hearing me talk about nothing on the phone. BFs sister messaged me on Facebook last night. I wrote her a really long letter which will probably take her 15 minutes to read. About nothing really! Just bored jibber jabber.

At least BF gets back on Thursday. YAYYY!!!!

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  1. At least he’s only gone for a week or so! He’ll be back before you know it! :)

    On the other hand, I’m alway from my bf for like, 80-something days :'(

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