MAC full sized brushes

Since I already have my down payment sitting in my savings account, I’m still trying to budget to see if I can afford 3 full sized MAC makeup brushes that are on sale for 25% off today and tomorrow (coupon code: SUMO). Waste of money or investment? I already have the small SE brushes. I don’t know what to do! Eek! It’s still a lot of money too.

Oops! I did it!


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  1. I have the 187 and the 134. I love the regular 187 better than the SE 187. It’s more stiff and applies makeup better. The 134 is one that I hardly use. I bought an EcoTools set that has a similar brush, which I prefer over the 134. I don’t have the 190, but I do have the SE 190. I feel like the 187 applies foundation better than the SE 190.

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