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I’m surprising myself by using perfume on almost a daily basis. Basically, whenever I remember to squirt some on — I do so. I’ve been keeping this 15ml bottle of Living Grace by Philosophy in the washroom so whenever I get ready in the mornings it’s there for me to spray onto myself.

living-grace-philosophyLook how much I have left after just four months! It’s a bitter sweet moment, friends. First perfume I’ve ever finished, and now I have to either go buy a new one or sniff out a different brand to try and broaden my horizons. I’m thinking the latter. As much as I love the Philosophy perfume (it’s so subtle, and a bit of sweet/floral thrown into the mix) — I want to try more perfumes. I think I’ll always come back to this philosophy one since it’s a “nancy scent”. I guess it would be, seeing how much I use/spray it!

I wouldn’t have thought I’d be a honey scented fan but I walked into Sephora and smelled a new fragrance that was launched this summer, by Marc Jacobs called Honey. I like it!

honey by marc jacobsIt doesn’t have a very strong scent of honey. It’s mixed with some vanilla in there too. So it’s a really heavenly scent, not sickly sweet and not overpowering. I could wear it, and not get sick of it.

Watch this hilarious trailer that they created for the Honey Fragrance launch. Too cute. Watch it til the very end, it just gets funnier. It’s only a 90 second clip.

How quickly do you go through perfumes?

What is your signature scent?

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  1. Leanne’s comment made me LOL! What happened?!

    I probably finish a bottle of perfume once or twice a year, depending on the bottle size. I wear perfume everyday.

    My signature day scent is Kenzo Ca Sent Beau and my night is YSL Elle.

    I am transitioning the day perfume into Marc Jacobs Honey (got it for my birthday!). I’m also using up and finishing Lacoste, Touch of Pink, which is a bit sportier. I have a few other perfumes which are also good, I like Givenchy Ysatis, Amber (raw in block form), and Tom Ford’s Santal Blush, although the latter I only have a tiny amount of because 50ml is like £140…

  2. @Jaz: We were on the subway and somehow the topic of perfumes came up. Leanne brought out her travel sized bottle of perfume, I smelled it – a lot. I liked it. And I must’ve been laughing or talking but I whipped it out of her hands and sprayed myself with it two or three times, really quickly. Most of it ended up on my face and in my mouth. :( :( :( lol
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  3. My favorite perfume ever was discontinued several years ago and I was able to get two bottles of it before it completely disappeared, so I only allow myself to use it on special occasions! It’s Calvin Klein Eternity Purple Orchid. For everyday scent I have a few others that I switch around with – Happy, Ralph Lauren Blue, and Philosophy Falling In Love are worn most frequently.

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