My Wedding Day Fragrance

We got married THREE months ago. Is that still considered newly-wed status? When do I have to stop calling us newly-weds? Can I do it forever?

Her-RingWhile I don’t regret the six day planned wedding, I did miss out on some fun wedding planning preparations like wearing a bride tank top. I bought it the day before my wedding, at Victoria’s Secret for a silly amount of money, and wore it the day after we got married. Keeping it real.

Our wedding was unexpected by most, but absolutely perfect for us and we both would do it the same way in a heartbeat — no fuss. I’m glad my dress was simple, and I don’t have to savour it in a box forever. I can wear it any time because it’s the perfect kind of dress to wear casually or formally. Right now it’s sitting in a Sephora tote bag. Maybe I’ll wear it this weekend.

The perfume that I wore on my wedding day was a simple choice for me. A fragrance that both myself and Mr. Spiffykerms (love the nickname Nicole gave him) enjoys. It’s no other than Philosophy Living Grace. I bet you’re not one bit surprised. I’m forever lucky that I brought it back home with me, otherwise I’d be scent-free.

Philosophy Living GracePhilosophy describes Living Grace perfectly: living grace spray fragrance was formulated to help center a woman’s mood, is deeply sensuous, multi-sensory and truly a heavenly inspiration. living grace is an ethereal, clean fragrance of fresh neroli to create uplifting feelings of vibrancy, soft, clean lily of the valley brings a sense of gratitude and sensuous, warm musk embraces you to the beauty of living in the present moment each day.

Living in the present moment each day. Exactly what we did in the 6 days planning our wedding, no? Can I just say this was meant for me?

Living Grace is a gorgeous bridal scent. I’ve been a regular fan of this clean fresh scent for a couple of years and I don’t see myself getting tired of it any time soon. I hope they don’t plan on discontinuing it, it’s absolutely wonderful to wear all year round.

Also if you’re interested I did a recap on my Wedding Day Makeup.

What perfume did you (or will you) wear on your wedding day?

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Indulging this season

I’m definitely going to be indulging in some decadent foods quite a bit this December. Friday the marketing and IT team of four got together for our Christmas lunch and went out to a pretty fancy place. Yesterday we had a pizza day sponsored by a company we work with. Then tomorrow or Thursday we get a TURKEY DINNER for lunch. Someone had better set up beds for us to take afternoon naps.

Aimster and I in the back of Dennis’ fun car.  We stopped dancing and singing to Christmas music to snap this pic. Amy and Nancy

I ordered some zucchini sliders which was phenomenal and should’ve just ate these for my lunch instead of sharing. They didn’t resemble zucchini at all, which was weird. It was just delicious and I wish I ate more than just one. zucchini sliders

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Your signature scent

I’m surprising myself by using perfume on almost a daily basis. Basically, whenever I remember to squirt some on — I do so. I’ve been keeping this 15ml bottle of Living Grace by Philosophy in the washroom so whenever I get ready in the mornings it’s there for me to spray onto myself.

living-grace-philosophyLook how much I have left after just four months! It’s a bitter sweet moment, friends. First perfume I’ve ever finished, and now I have to either go buy a new one or sniff out a different brand to try and broaden my horizons. I’m thinking the latter. As much as I love the Philosophy perfume (it’s so subtle, and a bit of sweet/floral thrown into the mix) — I want to try more perfumes. I think I’ll always come back to this philosophy one since it’s a “nancy scent”. I guess it would be, seeing how much I use/spray it!

I wouldn’t have thought I’d be a honey scented fan but I walked into Sephora and smelled a new fragrance that was launched this summer, by Marc Jacobs called Honey. I like it!

honey by marc jacobsIt doesn’t have a very strong scent of honey. It’s mixed with some vanilla in there too. So it’s a really heavenly scent, not sickly sweet and not overpowering. I could wear it, and not get sick of it.

Watch this hilarious trailer that they created for the Honey Fragrance launch. Too cute. Watch it til the very end, it just gets funnier. It’s only a 90 second clip.

How quickly do you go through perfumes?

What is your signature scent?

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