Thinking Outloud Thursday #1

My first Thinking Out Loud post. Thought this would be great for those lazy weeks where I just want to type a sentence per photo, instead of telling a story or write a full blog post on just one topic. Here, we go!

1. I have been so incredibly warm this week in our town house that I saw actual water droplets on my cheeks and nose while making the bed. Why did I not jump in the pool? #FirstWorldProblems.

LaSportiva climbing shoes2. After 75 minutes of yoga, and THREE hours of climbing, Ellen and I were still crushing 5.10c’s. I’m so proud of ourselves.

Año Nuevo State Park3. Jessica invited me along to the beach with her family last Saturday. I can just sit at the beach for hours (which we did) and enjoy the ocean, and play in the sand (like the child that I am). I enjoyed every minute of it.

Burger Santa Cruz4. Once we had our beach fix, Jessica told me about this burger joint in Santa Cruz, appropriately called, Burger. It hit the spot.

Alfies new bed5. I bought Alfie a new day bed, identical to his old one that I reviewed four years ago (note how different puppy face Alfie looks?!). I got the first one for free to review, from this site called CSN (which no longer exists) but I’m glad I found an identical one, and decided on a different colour this time. They made some improvements with the new bed, a removable cover! Finally. Note I called it a day bed because he sleeps in his crate at night in our bedroom.

Speck iPhone case6. This is the prettiest phone case I’ve seen in a while. I gave it to Jessica, because it’s an iPhone case from Speck, and I have a BlackBerry.

Computer History Museum7. The Guy and I went to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View last weekend and had a fantastic time reminiscing about things we used to have as kids. But one thing that stood out to me was the Google self-driving car. Have you heard of it?! It was insane and we were behind one on the freeway going to the museum.

Google8. After the museum, we were in the same vicinity as Google’s headquarters. I wanted to see what it looked like there, so we took a little tour.

Google donut9. I like your the bigger-than-lifesized food, Google!

10. Unroll Me is a non-gimicky website, where it unsubscribes you from whatever e-mails you choose to unsubscribe from, all in one click. It’s pretty awesome. But some companies are sneaky and keep putting you back on their list. I’ve been using it for a few months, and I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about it. But keep forgetting to!

Sunshine Grace11. Got a new perfume from Philosophy, it’s called Sunshine Grace and smells like summer. It’s gorgeous, I can definitely smell some hints of coconut, and vanilla. Perfect scent for these California sunny days.

Skoop12. Lastly, I’ve been trying to incorporate post workout drinks to refuel my body after a boulder session, or a run. Skoop sent me some products to try out. More on this, later!

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Your signature scent

I’m surprising myself by using perfume on almost a daily basis. Basically, whenever I remember to squirt some on — I do so. I’ve been keeping this 15ml bottle of Living Grace by Philosophy in the washroom so whenever I get ready in the mornings it’s there for me to spray onto myself.

living-grace-philosophyLook how much I have left after just four months! It’s a bitter sweet moment, friends. First perfume I’ve ever finished, and now I have to either go buy a new one or sniff out a different brand to try and broaden my horizons. I’m thinking the latter. As much as I love the Philosophy perfume (it’s so subtle, and a bit of sweet/floral thrown into the mix) — I want to try more perfumes. I think I’ll always come back to this philosophy one since it’s a “nancy scent”. I guess it would be, seeing how much I use/spray it!

I wouldn’t have thought I’d be a honey scented fan but I walked into Sephora and smelled a new fragrance that was launched this summer, by Marc Jacobs called Honey. I like it!

honey by marc jacobsIt doesn’t have a very strong scent of honey. It’s mixed with some vanilla in there too. So it’s a really heavenly scent, not sickly sweet and not overpowering. I could wear it, and not get sick of it.

Watch this hilarious trailer that they created for the Honey Fragrance launch. Too cute. Watch it til the very end, it just gets funnier. It’s only a 90 second clip.

How quickly do you go through perfumes?

What is your signature scent?

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