Become a Tweezerman Ambassador

Are you a beauty blogger and want to become a Tweezerman Ambassador?

Tweezerman has recently created the VIP PRO Program. A selected few of Beauty Professionals will receive a complete Tweezerman brow, or nail kit. New products will be mailed out to those select people every quarter.

You will also receive invitations to exclusive events, and exclusive special offers

As you guys know, I’m in Canada, so they’re not excluding us folks up north either!

My goodie kit came in the mail on Friday. Right after I reviewed my waxing kit by waxing my eyebrows. How inconvenient.

Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler
Slant Tweezer (Stainless Steel)
Satin Etched Zebra Slant Tweezer
Point Tweezer
Pointed Slant Tweezer (Stianless Steel)
Special Edition of Pop of Op Mini Slant Tweezer
Eyenhance Pencil and Sharpener
Folding ILashcomb
Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush

SIX tweezers. Moses. What the heck am I going to do with six of these?

So, stay tuned for an update on how much I’m going to love using these tweezers. I better have some fabulous eyebrows after this. Either that, or I’m going to have none left. We’ll see how it pans out.

Become a Tweezerman Ambassador.

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