Shopping trip!

I don’t know why Zara doesn’t come to the city I’m living in. I think it’s probably my favorite store to shop browse at, and occasionally buy things.

I visited the store twice this month. Once when I was in Ottawa the other weekend, and then again this past weekend. I had a Groupon coupon to use up at Express and ended up buying some dumb shirt that I don’t love. The coupon expires this month, and I’ve already visited another Express just weeks before and couldn’t find anything I loved. Express is only recent to Canada, and I have to say — it has a different vibe than the American Express stores. Plus, the Canadian rices were just absurd! That store is not for me, anymore. Unless… I visit the states. Those editor jeans are amazing on the toosh.

I went to Square One and of course scoped out the Zara location after my stressful (haha first world problems) experience at Express.

I debated buying this jacket. Of course it felt and looked amazing on inside the change room and when I tried it out in the regular mirrors in the store, I was uncertain. So, I passed. It was $119 after all. Maybe I’ll wait for it to go on sale. I think it’s very ritzy looking. But at the same time I feel like Michael Jackson in it. What do you guys think of it? Yes/No? Be honest!

I did not pass up this beauty though. My very first peplum top. It has a classic looking cut, and looked great on me if I do say so myself. I’ll be sporting this one on Friday. I’m very surprised that I even picked this up to try on. I thought I’d never be a fan of the peplum tops. But I’m glad I did!

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  1. HI Nancy!
    i love the peplum top! it really gives you a great silouette! Very 40’s glam, Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn or something fab. Dont know that everyoone could pull it off, but with your slim figure… it looks great!

    The jacket was a show stopper.
    i loved it. It was a little reminiscent of MJ, But oh so much more stylish, demure, and classy. with a hint of rock glam.
    When it goes on sale, you get there.

  2. I love that white blazer! But wait for it to go on sale, $119 is a lot for a blazer that’s more trendy than classic.
    I’m so obsessed with blazers lately! I’m trying to decide if it’s excessive to bring 4 or 5 of them with me to Ireland next month…..another first world problem! Lol

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