April GlossyBox

So is GlossyBox’s new motto: Good things come to those who wait?

Everyone has been itching, and sitting impatiently, waiting for their April GlossyBox to come in the mail. It finally arrived on the very last day of the month.

One thing that bothers me about beauty subscription boxes, is that there never is a set date as to when they get mailed out. If you ask them on their Facebook fan page, or on twitter, the companies come back with a vague answer. In this case, GlossyBox said their boxes will be mailed out during the month of April. Well, jeeze I sure hope so. Since it is a monthly box. Sure enough, it arrived.

Let’s take a peak inside shall we?

April GlossyBox

I knew this box was heavy when I recieved it in the mail! Look at all that stuff.

Can you spot the three full sized products? Boom. Nice job GlossyBox.

A closer look at April’s GlossyBox. Remember, GlossyBox costs $15/month + free shipping, and look at all the goodies we have, add up those prices for yourself. The box more than pays for itself with this:

Skin Care Shower Gel by Elizabeth Grant (Full size! Retails for $20.00)
Aveeno Positively Radient Daily Moisturizer (Full size! Retails for $22.99)
Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara (Full size! Retails for $12.50)
Wella Brilliance Conditioner (Sample size)
Wella Brilliance Treatment (Sample size)

Don’t forget our black little envelope. Inside?

Another sample!

This is Marcelle’s BB Cream. Check out my review on Marcelle BB cream, I own and still use this product.

Value wise, this is the best bang for my buck for being my third GlossyBox that I’ve ever received. Third time’s a charm, right? Either that, or three strikes and you’re out. But no, I will continue to subscribe to GlossyBox as I am pleased with what I have received this month.

Sign up for GlossyBox for $15 month (free shipping)

I purchased this box myself with my GlossyDot points!

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  1. And you still think Glymm is the best? LOL.

    Seeing this box makes me want to try Glossybox next!

    Nancy says: You have to remember that GlossyBox charges $15 a month, where as Glymm comes to $11.30. Glossy and Glymm are on par with products, except for the price. Glymm has an online shop where you can spend you points! Glossy offers “GlossyDots” where you can redeem your points for free boxes. Glymm is cheaper, which is why I still vote it #1.

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