Annabelle launches BB products

Most of you already know I film YouTube videos. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with them, and I’m not entirely comfortable on camera yet (even after a year!) – but I’ve ended up doing a Makeup Swap once with my American friend Katie. I sent her some Annabelle products along with some other fun goodies that she couldn’t get down in the States. Katie also sent me some products that weren’t available to us Canadians. Right now I’m completely in love with my Sonia Kashuk hidden concealer palette that you can buy at Target. I need another, soon!

Well, Annabelle cosmetics is coming out with some new products that should launch this July-August. Annabelle have recently renewed themselves with a first campaign with Marie-Mai. She looks familiar, but I’m still not sure who she is. Anyway, some of the items that will be launched in the next few weeks should be fun to play around with.

If you didn’t already know Marcelle & Annabelle are the same company, so it’s only appropriate that Annabelle now come out with a BB cream as well. Marcelle, is the number 1 selling BB cream right now in drug stores. Plus – it’s only of the better one’s that I’ve used. See my review on Marcelle BB cream here and here.

Love the black packaging. Anything with clean packaging usually sells me, quickly.

Annabelle’s BB cream will be SPF 15. Basically a BB cream is a few different products in one. First, it works as a moisturizer, a sun screen, it brightens your skin, primes and hydrates, providing coverage to your skin as well! I do not have any issues with oil on my face, but this one will have shine control.

BB Compact Makeup: This product will be lightweight and feel very satiny-smooth on your face. It is a powder foundation and it will give your skin radiance, complete with a flawless finish. You can use the double-sided sponge to gain light or moderate covers to your face.

BB Skin Perfect Corrector I would probably use a corrector like this for imperfections on my face, such as dark circles or any pigmentation spots.

BB Skin Retouch Crayon This is actually a double-ended crayon type of product. I’d use it as an eyebrow highlighter, down the nose or on the cheek bones. But this claims to instantly erase fine lines (which I have a hard time believing). I can see it refreshing your eyes and making you seem more awake if you put it in the “tear duct” area of your eyes. Possibly an essential for the party-goer for the morning after?

Think you’ll be picking up any of these items from the new Annabell collection?

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April GlossyBox

So is GlossyBox’s new motto: Good things come to those who wait?

Everyone has been itching, and sitting impatiently, waiting for their April GlossyBox to come in the mail. It finally arrived on the very last day of the month.

One thing that bothers me about beauty subscription boxes, is that there never is a set date as to when they get mailed out. If you ask them on their Facebook fan page, or on twitter, the companies come back with a vague answer. In this case, GlossyBox said their boxes will be mailed out during the month of April. Well, jeeze I sure hope so. Since it is a monthly box. Sure enough, it arrived.

Let’s take a peak inside shall we?

April GlossyBox

I knew this box was heavy when I recieved it in the mail! Look at all that stuff.

Can you spot the three full sized products? Boom. Nice job GlossyBox.

A closer look at April’s GlossyBox. Remember, GlossyBox costs $15/month + free shipping, and look at all the goodies we have, add up those prices for yourself. The box more than pays for itself with this:

Skin Care Shower Gel by Elizabeth Grant (Full size! Retails for $20.00)
Aveeno Positively Radient Daily Moisturizer (Full size! Retails for $22.99)
Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara (Full size! Retails for $12.50)
Wella Brilliance Conditioner (Sample size)
Wella Brilliance Treatment (Sample size)

Don’t forget our black little envelope. Inside?

Another sample!

This is Marcelle’s BB Cream. Check out my review on Marcelle BB cream, I own and still use this product.

Value wise, this is the best bang for my buck for being my third GlossyBox that I’ve ever received. Third time’s a charm, right? Either that, or three strikes and you’re out. But no, I will continue to subscribe to GlossyBox as I am pleased with what I have received this month.

Sign up for GlossyBox for $15 month (free shipping)

I purchased this box myself with my GlossyDot points!

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Makeup routine

I wear makeup almost on a daily basis. I like how it evens out my skin tone and makes me look not-so sunburnt. I have the reverse effect of raccoon eyes meaning that I have a really white under eye area and rosy cheeks. Not to be confused with rosacea.

Shown in order, here are the products I use on my face on a daily basis. I’ll get further into it below but I don’t wear two foundations on my face each day, but just switch them out whenever I’m feeling it. Same goes for the under eye concealers, I don’t wear them on a regular basis.

After my simplified skincare routine I apply foundation. My go-to was Laura Mercier’s Moisturizing foundation until they took it off the shelves to reformulate it to a Moisture Supreme foundation which is now a thicker, greasier, heavier consistency. I have disowned that particular product but still love the brand itself. Since I have dry skin, I like to have a dewier finish rather than a matte, flat look to my face.  I’d rather look hydrated with luminous foundation than look like I haven’t exfoliated and have dry flaky dandruff like skin on my face. I’ve been using Marcelle BB Cream as my new foundation. You can see a full on routine that I blogged about here.

I am a huge fan of foundation and would purchase the most expensive bottle, if it worked for me. That is the only one item I will splurge on, because I think it is so worth while to me, personally. I recently bought the Bobbi Brown Luminous Foundation but I haven’t used it enough to say that it is my holy grail foundation that will ultimately replace Laura Mercier’s Moisturizing foundation. I’m still a little disappointed that they did discontinue my favorite foundation.

Ever since I had my weird flare up in using a certain eye cream I have been really hesitant on putting too much on my face. If I really feel the need to put under eye concealer on, I use the Bobbi Brown Corrector in the color bisque. I use the absolute smallest amount you could put on your finger. Literally a pin point and blend it in. If I have a red mark on my face from a blemish I use Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. Though I haven’t used that one in ages.

The next thing that goes on my face is one of my favorites. The bronzer. Not sure how to apply it? Here is a video I filmed on how to apply bronzer. I’m not too partial on a certain bronzer but I have gone through a few boxes of Benefit Hoola, I have also tried Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder, and next to use up will be my Vasanti Brazilian Bronzer.

I’ve been using blush lately just because I have it and I like to use different colored blushes on my cheeks to give it a varied flushed look to my skin. Right now I’m using E.L.F Blush in the color candid coral.

I don’t need to use mascara as my eyelashes are one of everyone’s favorite feature of mine. People have joked about how envious they are of me for having such long lashes. I use mascara to make them more obnoxious and volumized. My day-to-day mascara is Vasanti Long Lash mascara. It’s decent for every day wear since it’s not too in your face. It gives your lashes a nice coat and doesn’t flake and leave residue underneath your eyes at the end of the day. When I want them to look like false lashes I use my all time favorite duo which is the Makeup Forever Smokey Lash then Buxom Lash layered on top.

I know a ton of people are a fan of MAC Cosmetics, and I did a MAC makeup review back in 2009 of all the information still remains accurate in my opinion, so check that out too if you’re interested. I don’t wash my brushes daily anymore more like ever 3-4 applications.

See my skincare routine below:

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