Sneak peek #2 of my Birthday Giveaway

Okokok. I can’t handle it anymore. I think I’m more excited than you guys.

Just days until I launch my huge birthday giveaway. I said I’d write another sneak peek showing you perhaps one more brand that I’m working with, that you guys are all eligible to win fun prizes from.

Are you ready?

BAM! There she be:

Working with Kerastase as well! Remember to check back on the big day: Monday May 7! Squeeeeee.

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee… Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee… Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee…

I’m flyin’ so fast in my auto-car. Don’t you love those wind marks coming from my tail pipes? Right back atcha!

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  1. Wow you’re certainly flying in your car! Haha Need some flames on the side now to spice ‘er up! lol

    Nancy says: My car is SUPA FAST.

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