Popcorn for supper!

Popcorn for supper!

Those that know me, understand the meaning behind when I announce that I’m having popcorn for supper.  It means the boyfriend is out of town, and I don’t have to cook. So I don’t. Instead, I have popcorn for supper.

Since I’m usually home alone and bored when he’s gone. I also like to organize things. This can be either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at the situation. It looks good, yea — but I have no idea where I put anything. Oops?

My target shopping trips have been steady and on a rigerous routine since it opened. Each Sunday (with skipping a few because hello weekly is a little overboard) I head over to Target to spot some goodies.

I bought 2 pairs of PJ bottoms, 5 new pairs of Gillian & O’Malley thongs (the best) and scoped out some organizing tips from this fancy aisle.Target aisles

When the boyf was away last weekend I took it upon myself to finally organize the bedroom step-by-step. I got out the handy dandy measuring tape and got to work. Once I had all my measurements down pat I knew that before I went to Ikea to get the supplies I wanted to check Target’s prices, and to scope out the price of the rubbermaid closet organizer I was given to review on my blog. heh. It was $49.99. Target Closet Helper

I’ve been wanting a new desk out in the living room for my computer for the longest time, and I also wanted to have a book shelf in the bedroom for shoes and makeup storage. I don’t want to reveal everything fun and organizey in one post, so that will have to wait another time.

Thank goodness I had a ton of patience this day because I had to read the instructions on how to put it together, and sort through years of the boyf’s clothes that he doesn’t like to purge even though he hasn’t worn them in the 8 years I’ve known him.

The closet is all of the boyf’s stuff. I hang up my blazers and dresses but my tops and pants are elsewhere in the bedroom. Brace yourselves. Just looking at this makes me short of breath ;) This is how the bedroom closet looked like before:Closet-before

We tried organizing the closet in the past with these hanging cubes. It worked for a little while. But as you can see it ended up not working to our advantage.

The Rubbermaid Closet Helper was fool-proof. If I get impatient reading instructions yet can still put this together, that’s tellin’ ya something. No tools required either. Meaning no structural damage done because we still live in an apartment building. Closet-Before-and-After

First I gutted the closet and laid out all the clothes on the bed. Holy moses it was a high pile. I was starting to get overwhelmed. Alfie is holding down the fort, making sure I’m doing everything rightfully so. gutted

Sometimes I just walk away, do something else and come back to the task at hand. Anyone else like this? I swear this took 5 hours longer than it should’ve. Just because i decided to do laundry, eat lunch and shower in between putting this closet together. Success:Closet-Helper-built

Now to put all the clothing back. Will it all fit? I had no idea. I hoped it would…I started color co-ordinating his shirts by color. One side is all short sleeved shirts, the other side had long sleeved.  Hot dang, it all freaking fits! Halleluiah. This is when I started getting excited, bbming the pics to the boyf, and instagramming them.  rubbermaid-closet

It feels so refreshing to finally be able to look at the closet and not want to cringe at the sight. In fact, I got rid of 15 or go hangers. Everything fit in the closet again! Mostly because the second rod was added on the bottom, which is where my blazers are stored along with the Boyf’s ties and a pair of his dress pants.

Loooookin’ gooooood.top-of-closet

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International Women’s Day at work

*Faces blurred out for those who I didn’t ask permission to be online.

Last Friday was International Women’s Day, and we certainly didn’t hold back celebrating it at work! The color of the year for International Women’s Day was purple, so if you see a theme here in this post, you now know why.

The three amigo’s all dressed in purple.three-amigos
Back in mid-February the trio of us ladie in the marketing department got together for our weekly meeting and decided it should be celebrated. Being that we do work with 34 people, 32 of them being female. So, throughout the last few weeks I tallied up some of my favorite companies I’ve worked with on my blog, and asked them for favors and donations for goodie bags we were putting together for staff! I was not expecting the incredible amount of loot I managed to accumulate!

We put together the packages earlier last week. So. Much. Stuff. Putting-pkgs-together


Everything was kept a secret until Friday morning. I drove into work a good hour or more before everyone arrived, so I could put a little surprise on everyone’s desks. The other two people in the marketing department did the same, at our other two offices. Everyone got a different package from Marcelle, being that we dived everything up by age group. I blurred out my work place for safety reasons.Loot-bag-on-desk

What was in each loot bag:loot-bag

I’m telling you, the most popular item which was in each bag, was the durex play vibrations. I kid you not, no one else cared what was in their loot bag once that was spotted. Giggles from the women, some even clipped it onto their belt buckles as a joke. It brought a lot of laughter to the office, let me tell you that much. I won’t be posting any of those photos for obvious reasons. I don’t want any crazy spammers attacking my comments section hah.

Gotta say though, the pop rock chocolate was my favourite thing, along with the Marcelle Cosmetics gift set.

We ordered lunch which was color coordinated. Pink paper plate, purple napkins, pink drinks and delicious pizza!pink-lunch

This pizza was so good.lunch

That wasn’t the end of the fun, those loot bags and lunch. Oh nuhnono. We held contests for a few things like Best Dressed, Best Dressed runner up, and some quizzes we had sent out earlier in the week.

Best Dressed, which was won by Laura. She ended up getting a Fossil wallet, which matches her Fossil Explorer tote quite well! Loved her outfit, everything was purple!Laura-wins-fossil-wallet

Runner up was Amy, in all purple who won a Rubbermaid glass food storage container set.Amy-best-dressed-runner

L won one of the two quizzes and got a gorgeous brushed metal light gold colored Fossil (Georgia?) watch.  She said it wasn’t anything she’d pick out for herself, but she absolutely loves it. I can’t wait to see her wear it.L-with-watch

The other prizes consisted of:

  • RUSK shampoo gift set + Yankee candle
  • Marcelle Cosmetics
  • Calvin Klein gift set
  • Roberto Cavalli gift set


I was seriously in awe at the generosity of the companies and what they donated. Absolutely incredible. I want to thank each and every company that donated to International Women’s Day. Everyone at work was so shocked, so happy, and exclaimed that it was better than Christmas!thank-you-2

Many many many thanks to making Friday a memorable one.thank-youThumbs up to, and thank you Marcelle Cosmetics, Fossil, Rubbermaid, Coty Canada, Kernels Popcorn, Orville Redenbacher, Durex, Veet, vitaminwater Zero, Cober Printing, Hershey’s, McDonalds, and VH Sauce.

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Rubbermaid LunchBlox

One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me.

Whether you want to bring these Rubbermaid LunchBloxes with you to work, or save them for picnic’s with your family, you can’t help but notice the bright fun look of the Rubbermaid’s new containers. They are perfectly portioned to keep everything in its place. They stack vertically so they’re quite space efficient, and also feature a snap-in Blue Iceâ„¢ so it keeps your food chilly. No more soggy sandwiches or wilted lettuce for lunch! Wilted lettuce is a pain in my butt let me tell you.

It’s resorting me back to pre-school with those fun building blocks we played with. Snap the rubbermaid containers all together and you’ve got some lunch for yourself.

I can only assume that students would benefit the best from the Rubbermaid LunchBlox containers, as most people who have jobs or careers most likely have a fridge in their office. Where as students need to keep their food in their lockers or carry them around all day.

Some feed of food I got! Inside the hugh-jazz salad was chicken, red and orange bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, cucumber, and matchstick carrots. On the side I had snow peas.

Little container for your salad dressing, and toppings.

These containers are so much more environmentally friendly than using little baggies like ziplocks. Also, sure I have other Rubbermaid containers that I use to bring to work with me, but they don’t have these snap on leg0-like building. It’s kinda fun to stack them and have them stay in place.These do fit in our lunch bags, since the unique design is so compact.

I have another giveaway for you guys. Rubbermaid would like to offer my readers two samples each of the Salad kit and Sandwich kit (total value $50) for a prize! They will ship the prize package directly to the contest winner after the contest closes. Please note that the contest is available to Canadian residents only.

Here are the sandwich lunchblox that Scott and I both brought to work on Thursday. Mmm pickles â€” that one was mine :)

So… want them all as well? Here are some features before I get into the giveaway.

Sandwich Kit features:


  • Blue Iceâ„¢ keeps your lunch cool on the go
  • Containers stack compactly to stay organized
  • Secure lid seal
  • BPA-free
  • Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe
  • Sandwich container holds regular and specialty bread
  • Sandwich Kit includes 2 Snack Containers, 1 Side Container, 1 Sandwich Container and 1 Medium Blue Ice



Salad Kit features:


  • Blue Iceâ„¢ keeps your lunch cool on the go
  • Containers stack compactly to stay organized
  • Secure lid seal
  • BPA-free
  • Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe
  • Salad Kit includes 1 Salad Container, 1 Toppings Tray, 1 Salad Dressing Container and 1 Medium Blue Ice


Please note that this giveaway is only for residents of Canada.

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