Take me on an adventure!

What an amazing view.

The only parts of Europe I’ve been to was England and Ireland – and I don’t think Ireland counts as Europe, at least that’s what my Sister-In-Law was saying. Either way, did you know that there are actual Walking Holidays in Europe? Basically you can choose from a variety of holidays from guided or self guided walking tours and go at your own pace or with an expert.

Then there is a cycling holiday where I think my boyfriend would enjoy. It’s a self guided cycling holiday, which gives you tons of freedom to experience the amazing landscape at your own pace. My pace would totally be walking up all the hills and complaining about my legs being sore from the bike haha.

The third is a painting holiday – which would’ve appealed to me about ten years ago when I was all about the acrylic painting, but I’ve given that up. Even though I brought some of my paints up to Ontario with me. They’ve all dried up since.

Adventure holiday appeals to me, it’s a multi activity holiday designed to explore parts of Catalonia on ATVs/4-wheelers or even canoeing. Very cool.

Catalonia is just in Northern Spain, near Barcelona and not too far from France. So you’re right in the heart of it all. I think it’d be a really neat trip to take.

Have you been to Europe? If so: Solo or with a group?

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  1. That picture is beautiful!
    I did a 2 week tour of Europe (italy, france, switzerland, austria) in a rented car which was fun but i felt like i missed out on a lot of what tour guides could have shown me
    I also just did Italy in the fall and used the rail system to get around and focusing on one country for 2 weeks was perfect – did it without a tour again but BF was pretty much a walking tour guide before we left thanks to the internet :) We booked day tours through Viator which gave us the best of both worlds!
    No matter what you choose you will have a BLAST!

  2. Hey Nancy,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!! We may just be in the same area, yes…
    That’s great your boyfriend is running Around the Bay. This will be my first time.. eeek!

    I worked in Italy for a summer and it was amazzzzing. I went there alone but worked with people from all over the world. loved it!

  3. Europe is amaz-innnng!

    I’ve been to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Slovakia and Austria :)

    And yep, Ireland is indeed in Europe! :D

  4. You both will be wellcome with open arms to Spain, anyway,please bring your sun protection creams or you will get your skin ruined in a couple of days. Coming to Europe is a rich experience because you can visit different countries and cultures in a short time. I only try to avoid guided tours, they usually make me feel like a part of a flock of lambs. Planning on your own makes the trip even more exciting.

  5. I have only been to Europe once…my mom took me to Paris for 10 days in 2005. It was AMAZING! We are planning another mother/daughter trip this Septmeber to London and I can not wait!

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