Off on Fridays!

My school schedule for this 6 week intersession is pretty sweet. M&W I head in at 8:30, and then T&T I start at 10:30, with Friday’s off – for studio of course. YUS.

Tonight, I socialized for the first time since January or something? It’s nuts. I’ve been busy with school/work term, and visiting Scott twice since January. It was nice to hang out with my friend Lori for a bit! I think we’re going to go see a movie really soon. I have this 2 for 1 pass that I got at the Climbing Competition last month, and it expires April 30! Gotta see one before then.

No many plans for the weekend. I have to get a ton of stuff on a CD for my portfolio. We’re getting ready to put it all together on Monday. I also to have to write a proposal which is due on Monday as well. We’re doing Independent Studies & I’m going to be getting paid to design a website, for a local arts community/gallery. It’s SO exciting. REAL job, REAL money. But anyway – you guys are like *Snore, I bet you don’t want to hear about my school work. But one more thing. I got my marks back the other day, and I’m super happy about them: Work Term 85, Website Design 90, Graphic Design IV 80, Publication Design (magazine) 85, and Photographic Illustration II 80. Yusss.

I almost feel like buying a 2mth gym membership and running on the treadmills and working out my abs again, but it costs so much. I’d run outside if I had a heart monitor to pace myself with. I’m making so many excuses. My Birthday is almost a week away – maybe I’ll get some cash and buy myself a membership or watch with the heart monitor on it. Ohhh I dunno b’y! Gonna go eat some frozen chocolate covered cheesecake now. heehehh

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