The stink of seal flippers

I am on an updating rolllll! I just got back from the climbing gym – we were supposed to belay for 33 kids for 3hrs. Most of the kids didn’t even stay for 2hrs, and by the time 3hrs rolled around, they were all gone. SWEET.

I was at the mall last night, and I tried on these jeans. However, I don’t think they’re worth the $195 that they’re priced at. My birthday is next Sunday, so maybe I’ll think about it.

Ever since I got home from Ontario, I’ve been finding it hard to get out of bed! I wake up around 8:30 on the nose, all the time – but then I sleep in until 11 or 12! Not good not good.

My Mom is cooking Seal Flippers for supper tonight. It doesn’t smell too great in the house right now. But she’s also cooked some yummy Roasted Chicken. YEAH. Gonna go upstairs and rob a piece of sliced off chicken. Adios.

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