18 job applications, lol

I bought a one month membership at the gym yesterday. I headed in, last night to have a work out. I’m not in as bad shape as I thought, however I can’t run as long and fast, anymore. I was down to 7:20 mile, but running at 8:34 mile was tiring. Can’t wait to get back at ‘er.

I applied for 18 jobs today, all of them in Ontario, all of them Graphic Design related. A girl in my class is MOVING to Ontario, tomorrow! She got a job offer in Pickering. In our course, if you get a job – you still graduate from the program. Isn’t that weird? Still though, it’s exciting for my class mate. I’m really excited for her. Mostly because I want her to tell me what other job sites she was looking on!

Tonight, I think I’m just going to watch what Teri Hatcher has to say on Oprah (looks intense), go to the gym after the 9-5 people get out of there, then eat a late supper & head to bed! Score. Still have no plans for my birthday. I assume I’m just going to stay home! No biggie.

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