McDeals gone?!

Hi! I got back from Ontario, last night. The flight from Halifax – St. John’s was a little retarded at the landing. I literally thought we were going to nose dive onto the runway. It was a really foggy night, and they warned us that we might have to turn back to Halifax for the night. Anyway, I always have a window seat, but some Mother took mine, because she wanted to sit with her loud kid. Super glad I didn’t have that seat, so I took an aisle one instead. I couldn’t see the runway when we were about to land, and the plane was going left and right, like we were going to belly up almost. We hit the runway, and it was brutal. Like being on a roller coaster almost. Probably the worst landing that I’ve ever encountered. When we landed, it seemed like the brakes weren’t working, but I guess it was the force of the landing, that felt that way. Everyone CLAPPED when we landed. Soooo crazy.

While I was in Ontario, I did a ton of shopping. I’d say I did most of it in Mississauga at Square One (I MAC,and FCUK haha, and then shopped more in Guelph when I was visiting relatives for a couple of days. I love shoppppping! Tomorrow, I get paid, but all of it has to go onto my (new) Visa. haha, man does that thing ever come in handy.

The 6 week Intersession begins tomorrow. I registered for my classes today, and on my account was an over-payment of more than $300, so I paid my intersession tuition with that, and let my HRDC funding people that they didn’t need to issue me a cheque for this term. I don’t know what went wrong, I never deal with the money (since I’m funded and all)… so hopefully everything runs smoothly. I have to mail out my Confirmation of Enrollment now, and then everything is pretty much set for the semester.

What’s with the McDeals being gone from McDonalds!? Why did they do that! While I was in Ontario, I’ve discovered all the different burgers that I’ve never tried in my life, thanks to those McDeals! I used to be a plain cheeseburger type of girl (hehhe), but I tried Big Macs, McChickens, and even those Deli Sandwiches. I got a FREE lunch from McDonalds today, even though it was absolutely humiliating. I was in the drive-thru, about to pay for my $4.00 meal and I realized I didn’t have my debit card on me. I usually just bring my license/debit card wherever I go. But I had to register for school today, so I only brought my license/student id with me. I told the guy, that I’d be back later to pay for it, and I almost drove away, when he gives me the bag of food. I asked him if he was sure with that, and he said yes. I apologized profusely.. and what a tomato shade I turned. Embarassinggguhh.

My birthday is like a week and a half away!!!!!! Well, I’m going to unpack my suitcases, and do a bunch of laundry! Byebye.

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