Wednesday ramble shamble

Another trip to the dentist, another filling replaced. I’m starting to like this white toothy smile! After I had a couple of teeth pulled on the top pre-braces, my teeth have shifted and now all you can used too  see, was silver fillings on my molars. Now they’re all white! Hooray for new inventions with fillings. I was told once by my family dentist back home that silver ones actually last longer. Well, it didn’t seem that way for me — and I actually had to have one of my silver ones replaced since it was “leaking”. Scary!

I’m moving out this weekend. A lot sooner than I had hoped. Primarily because it’s a one-man moving show out here. The boyfriend (mainly) and I.  He wants to help me move a while before the trip to B.C just so he doesn’t re-injure his shoulder so close to our big Ironman Canada trip to BC. I have everything mostly packed up, I just need to buy another rubbermaid container and I’m set. I gotta tell ya. Moving 7 times in 3 years definitely makes you purge a lot of your belongings each time you move to a new place. There’s just too much stuff. I remember when I first moved up here, I had 3 suit cases with all of my belongings and that was it. When I went home for Christmas, I brought back more stuff to Ontario. After a few moves, I’ve thrown stuff out / recycled it / gave it to good will. I’m almost back down to my 3 suit cases where I started off three years ago. It’s a good feeling. I actually have one suitcase that is filled with stuff that I haven’t used since I was in my apartment when I moved in, in January. 8 months! I say, if you don’t use it within 6-12 months, chuck it. But certain things have sentimental value that I really can’t come to part with, and some of it’s useful — like thank you cards from etsy, and pens!! I love pens. And stationary. And paper clips.

Pardon the random brain thoughts today.

Also. What’s with cranking the A/C so I have goosebumps? That’s one of the most annoying things in the world to me. You want to be cooled off, but not feel as if you’re actually stepping into a deep freeze. Wtf. I am COLD.

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