Odd situation

I have often received legitimate e-mails from people who have entered other people’s e-mail address in wrong, and it got sent to me instead of the directed person.

I used to reply to these e-mails just saying a quick “Sorry, wrong e-mail!” to them. But I’ve received two in the last week from the same person.  I don’t know if I should reply or just leave it alone. Obviously “Natalie something or other” is getting the content through her friend because they’re doing some orientation at a school in Rhode Island and the other person replying kept mentioning she was talking to this “Natalie” person.

Should I just do what Canada Post does (write on the envelopes RETURN TO SENDER) in bright red ink? I mean I guess it’s the same as dialing the wrong number, especially receiving one on my cell phone. I remember the first time that happened and I was like OMG HOW!?? But then I remembered that cell phones are proably more popular than the land lines and it’s much more easier to fool up on a number while dialing.

Have you ever received an e-mail that was supposed to go to someone else? What would you do in this situation?I’m probably just going to reply, once again and say that they have the wrong e-mail address. I wonder how many other people actually reply to these wrong e-mails? I certainly know that my boyfriend never does as he used to receive them on a much more frequent basis than I ever have.

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  1. I’m confused by “Rhode Island NY” LOL…did you mean Long Island? At any rate, I’ve never actually gotten an email from a person I didn’t know, as if it were a mistake. That would be weird…hmm

  2. HAHAHA!!! I’m so terrible at anything that requires a map. Maybe I should edit that post and take out NY? I’m pretty sure it was “RI” so maybe RI is actually a state in itself. I think I got it mixed up with Long Island like you mentioned. That’s so funny.

  3. That happened to me back in high school. I wrote the guy back. We ended up emailing back and forth and sending letters for a couple years. It was fun.

    I think you should reply. I would want someone to tell me that I had the address wrong.

  4. No, I don’t think it’s spam – I mean it’s an e-mail from a University in the states. The sender has replied to other e-mails (not mine) twice, and I’ve received both of them.

    Anyway, I replied last night saying they had the wrong e-mail. Usually the people reply with “Thanks, I had no idea why this person wasn’t responding” but I haven’t heard back anything yet.

  5. YES! I actually had a school from the states and I was being cc’d on their emails, and emailed directly – probably about 5 times. I had to email back two or three times – they were discussing a student, it was soo weird. It was like “oh we’ve set up an appointment with (kids name) for friday at (time) and just making sure you’ll be there, he’s showing progress, etc” haha like sorry lady that’s not supposed to go to me :) haha

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