Working at the Government still!

Hi! I’m still alive. I don’t have wordpress or anything set up, so it’s a lot easier for me to update on something like livejournal, rather than going into Dreamweaver + FTP it all online. Quite the hassle for a lazy bum like me.

I’m still working with that government job. They extended us for the month of April, and they might just extend us another month since we’re only 60% finished the “project” we’re working on. We’ll see. I’m also still going on a ton of interviews, and again nothing has become of them. Three interviews coming up – and one of them happen to be in Toronto. Yikes. Not sure if I want to pack up and move to the big T.O, but if they offer a great pay then I can’t very well turn it down either. I’m getting good at navigating my way through Toronto though. I’ve been there countless times for interviews since January. I even ride the subways by myself! haha!

This weekend I’m going to see Phantom of the Opera. I’m excited about that since I’ve never been to any kind of event like that. Ooh, and my Birthday is coming up – verrrrrry soon! No plans as of yet. Hopefully go out somewhere and have a few girly drinks, open up my parent’s care package they sent me, on my birthday hee hee.

Gmail is starting to get sucky with filtering the spam. I’m getting not so nice pills for mens parts in my inbox now, instead of it going straight to the spam mick spammy box. Sheesh.

Anyway, gotta go peel some carrots!

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