Wicked music

So, I found some wicked music that makes me want to run. I linked them all on this page.It’s house music by the way. I’ve been packing a lot of things to bring up to Ontario. I’m bringing an extra suitcase & dropping it off at my cousin’s house – since I’ll be staying with them when I move up there. I’m really nervous today… ugh, I went climbing to try and get my mind off stuff. I think it’s starting to become a little more real. I hate not getting into details anymore. So many people know my website, and I can’t chat like I used to on here.

When I’m up in Ontario. I think I’ll spend the majority of my day, searching for Graphic Design jobs. I also have to meet with Scott’s co-workers wife, who works with people trying to find jobs. That’ll be super awesome if she could help me in that way. Ahhh!!1

I hear my name being called. It’s time for me to fill my belly with some strawberry frozen yogurt! I’ll be gone for a little over two weeks. I’ll update when I come home. Bye everyone! Happy early Easter. bawk bawk.

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