Almost done

Well, I got my magazine printed off today, but I have to go in tomorrow morning and have it ‘perfect bound’. I was at school for 7hrs today ahhyughh.. I don’t even know what went wrong. Basically all my fonts were corrupted. Which they weren’t after. The dumb Mac said they were – and they printed fine. I first printed off a proof on the 8150 (generic B&W printer), and then I sent it to the splash. It took about 1 ½ hours. I still feel sort of stressed out, seeing how it’s not completed. I was incredibly angry earlier today, too mad to go on my scheduled climbing night! (gasp). But I was so angry at my teachers. I was asking for help, and they were too busy! I was written down for April 6 in the afternoon to print my magazine, yet nobody seemed to want to help. Whatever. Yeah, a bit retarded. Anyway, my Mom and I headed over to the mall to buy my little (ha! he’s like 6 foot 6) neighbour a High School graduation present. We’re going to take lots of pictures tomorrow, hehe. I also almost forgot to mention that I bought my first set of high heel shoes. Click on the picture to your right —> and you’ll see two images, one of me, one of my shoooes!

So, now techniqually I’m finished tomorrow rather than today. Yuss. I just can’t wait to fly to Ontario. Really soooon! I should head to bed. I have a little busy day tomorrow. Good night.

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